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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Any blogger code whizzes out there?

In case you're wondering why this blog design hasn't changed in 3 years, it's because I just can't do it. I know basic html, but when I try to edit the fancy templates nowadays I end up banging my head against the wall, reverting all changes, and reaching for some nice soothing chocolate instead. So I'm admitting my ineptitude and asking for help. Is there anyone who could help me tweak the code a little bit? I don't want to completely redesign the whole blog, I'm just frustrated that I can't figure out how to:
  1. Easily change out the header when I feel like it (I couldn't get the latest header to work in Blogger so it's hacked right now with a link to the image in Flickr, gasp)
  2. Have a 3-column layout instead of 2-column layout, with the middle body column a little wider than it is now
  3. Have a link at the bottom for "Older entries" like I've seen on the new blogger templates
Tall order, huh? :-) Anyhow, if you can help, please let me know by emailing here. I'll send you an autographed picture of the girls in exchange. Kidding, just kidding! Just name your price. And so that this post isn't a complete waste of time for everyone, how about a few pictures? These ones make me laugh and remember our referral day. I don't know if anyone has seen our referral call video, but when the agency rep told us the girls' middle names meant "pair" I brilliantly replied "Pear like you eat, or pair like two? Oh yeah. Duh!" Here's our vivacious pair, giddily raiding the fruit bowl: Beautiful Ro Beautiful Ree I can't believe Mama is letting us sit on the table How many apples can we steal out of the fruit bowl? Cute little fruit eaters in their new pear/pair t-shirts For good measure -- and to make absolutely certain that everyone knows I take way too many pictures -- here are the rest of the photos from the last week or so. It's really not my fault, it's just that the girls are constantly cracking me up and making me grab for the Nikon. I think this set should be called "It's all about the babydolls." Actually I'm going to rename it to that right now. (View clickable thumbnails, details, or slideshow - click "i" to turn on captions)