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Thursday, May 29, 2008

That poor photographer didn't know what hit her

The girls' preschool had a "fancy photographer" (as Ree calls her) take pictures of all the kids. I was skeptical that Ro and Ree would stand for someone other than Mama pointing a camera at them, but they swore they wanted to do it, and by gum they actually did. Ree said beforehand that she wanted to take her picture with her sister, and Ro said she wanted to take hers all by herself, and that's exactly what we got. I think they all turned out pretty well. (The photographer was using a Nikon D70, which is the camera I used before getting the awesome D300, so I knew all of the images would be slightly dingy/dark, and they are, but still way cute.) Ree's picture with her sister: Ro's picture: Bonus shot of Ree before she dashed off the set -- the lady had time to snap off one frame: I can't believe my babies are old enough to get school pictures. Sob! It's ok though, if I feel like I'm going to get overly emotional or anything, all I have to do is peek at the class picture, which just kills me. Here's a close-up crop (to preserve other kids' privacy): please notice that Ro has pulled off one shoe and is making a sarcastic face while Ree has ripped out her barrette and is the only kid in the entire class who refused to look at the camera. CLASSIC! PS: TubaDad is right this instant flying home from another business trip. Yay!! If he has his Blackberry turned off like he's supposed to in the air, you're seeing these pics before he is.