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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A great weekend, and a true test of the camera's speed

First off, thank you a million times over for all the empathy and suggestions with the migraines. It is incredibly appreciated and I'm printing out the comments section for the last post and bringing it to my next doctor's appointment. For the record, I've had four migraines in the last six days and have been popping Imitrex like TicTacs. I'm not supposed to take it that often, but luckily it worked each time, because we had non-stop fun scheduled this weekend.

The Family H came into town and we partied hard (toddler style of course) all weekend long. The fun started Friday night when we drove up to their hotel so the girls could get reacquainted. It took a few minutes for Ro and Ree to get over their initial shyness, but before long the four girls were romping around like they owned that lobby. I got up to take Ree to the bathroom at one point, and H2 volunteered to help, then Ro didn't want to be left out, and then of course S2 had to join the fun. So they all joined hands and I herded the two sets of adorable twins to the bathroom (you can imagine how many heads whipped around at that sight), got them into four separate stalls, then set up a hand-washing brigade. I felt so Jon-and-Kate-like. Heh. I would have paid a really large sum of money to have a picture of those four hands clasped together, but in a boneheaded move had left the camera in the car. So the description will have to suffice. Sorry. I made up for the oversight by taking a few (hundred) pictures during the next couple of days, when fellow D300-totin' Family D joined the fun to bring the blur-of-motion cute kid count up to six (thank goodness that D300 camera is FAST).

 If I had to pick three favorite pics, they might be these: H2 put her hat on Ro's head and they both cracked up.
 H2 put her hat on Ro and they both cracked up

An utterly typical scene -- S2 is running, Ro is clutching her precious Icee, Ree is posing, TubaDad is at the ready, and D is taking a picture. Classic!
 Love the absolute typicalness of this action shot

And here, The Girl checks out her mama's camera, both unaware that they make such a lovely sight.
 I like this camera, Mama!

It was hard to pick three out of all those great memories. So here's the whole set, in case you want to see it:

(View clickable thumbnails, two detail pages, or slideshow) And if you'd like a better description of the weekend (since I kind of posted a few pics and then punted) please check out D's blog.