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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Migraines suck

I've mentioned before that I get migraines. I've got one today. I don't write about it very often, mostly because when I'm in the middle of a headache I can't stand to look at the computer screen, and also I guess because it is what it is. But I just took an Imitrex (the blessed stuff always works, thank goodness) and beat the monster back, so I wanted to take a quick second to send some love to my fellow migraine sisters. It's a pretty crappy sorority we're all in, isn't it? A few months ago I was getting so many headaches that the insurance company balked at filling a reorder for Imitrex and alerted my doctor, who said that it was time to try some type of "preventative" medicine again. We've been down that road a few times... The side effects were bad, plus the migraines still kept coming, so they were all scrapped, one after another. Anyhow, this newest thing in the doc's bag of tricks seemed to actually work, and I've been cautiously hopeful. But now I think I'm losing ground again and am worried. Ah well, no real point to this other than to gripe I guess, oh and to ask for good thoughts. Thanks for listening, and thanks to the brilliant researchers at Glaxo for inventing sumatriptan (seriously). Alright, I hear one of the girls waking up from nap, so it's time to get moving again.