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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hanging out with Uncle Bobby

My little bro flew into Napa this weekend, so we loaded the girls (and enough snacks for an eight-day trip) into the van and drove up to spend the day with him. Ro and Ree were beyond thrilled. They kept saying "Where's my Uncle Bobby?!" about every 15 minutes on the way up there. Cute -- even if it did start to grate on the nerves about the 18th time we had to say "he's flying to the airport right now, we're almost there." Anyhow, great day, and it was so nice to spend time with my brother and get to see what the inside of his "office" looks like. Ro is in the navy blue dress, Ree is in the floral one. Oh, and I should probably make clear that Bobby is the hired pilot, not the owner, of the sleek little jet. The girls sure did love that shiny airplane though -- I'm guessing they won't be quite as thrilled with the next flight we take in our standard coach class... Photo stuff: Pics #1, #2, and #3 were taken with my fave 30mm Sigma lens. Pics #4 and #5 were taken with the fisheye lens (there's no way I could have gotten a full shot of everyone and the cockpit without it). And I think I used the Sigma lens for #6. The first picture was heavily adjusted in Photoshop, by the way. Here's the comparison of the original one and modified one if anyone's curious. I removed a few things that were distracting in the original picture and also added a vignette/black shadow feel around the edges (highlight most of the picture with the elliptical marquee tool, select inverse, right click and chose "feather" and 200 pixels, then go into the image adjustment menu and adjust the levels by sliding the blackness bar at the far left). I don't usually have time to fool around with pictures like this, but really like the way it came out and wanted Bobby and the girls to have a fun memento of their day together. Hope everyone had a happy Father's Day. TubaDad got breakfast in bed (actually I'm pretty sure the girls ate most of it) and also slipped out later to go see the Incredible Hulk movie.