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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I can't help you if my ears are bleeding

I used to grit out the ridiculous phrase "Mama has feet!" a few times an hour when the girls were constantly and inexplicably tripping over my feet. Now it's been replaced. The new phrase du jour is "I can't help you if my ears are bleeding" which I chant monotonously when one of the girls has committed a grievous toy theft and the other girl screams her outrage in the hopes of getting me to intervene. (It's usually Ro doing the stealing and Ree doing the screaming right now, although the roles change every month or so.)

The word "scream" doesn't even do that inhuman sound justice, by the way. It is so high pitched that your eyes involuntarily close and your spine stiffens. In any case, the girls WILL learn that shriekers never win, or I will die trying. Wish me luck... DSC_7488m

On a good note, toy burglary seems to be the only complaint the girls have with each other. They truly do enjoy each other's company and make up these insanely complex pretend games. When they play together, they're so close that they're almost always touching in some way. It's cute. Makes me wonder if it's some weird twin thing -- maybe because they spent the first nine months of their lives literally wrapped around each other, bonking legs, knocking elbows, and head butting, it just feels natural to them?

Here are a few more recent pics, not a ton because I think I've spent most of my time this week picking up the same toys, laundering the same clothes, and emptying the same dishwasher over and over and over. Ah the glamour.

(View thumbnails, detail, or slideshow). Fave pics are #8 where Ro is shooting a very serious picture with her tiny camera, and #11 where Ree is streaking through the sprinker blast.