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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Been in Texas for about 45 minutes and still haven't had any brisket

Well we made it to Texas! The girls were absolute champs on the flight, and those Cares Flight Harnesses were worth every penny. So were the eighteen pounds of snacks and toys we lugged on the plane. Singing away on the way to the airport. Man are they loud. In the beautiful (cough cough) airport parking garage. It was a chilly 50-something degrees, hence the little fleece jackets. I'm guessing we won't be wearing those again for a few days. Ready to check in and get this trip started, the girls kept asking "are we in Texas yet?" Ready for takeoff and crossing our fingers that it would be an easy flight (it was, so it looks like our ban on flying with the girls will be lifted). We brought a box of bandaids for each girl -- they were hands down the favorite toys. Poor babydolls had about a jillion booboos and needed to be covered with bandaids. Ro sang a new little ditty "I love my sister, I no sad with my ReeRee" on the way to the hotel. Never heard it before, but it's now my favorite song of all time. The girls ran in to the hotel yelling "where my bed?!!" and climbed right in. They're napping right now, one in the kiddo room and one in our room, and we're hanging out in the living room dreaming of brisket... By the way, it's hot here. Real hot. I'm not even sure how to describe it properly -- none of my wimpy Californian words seem quite appropriate.