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Friday, July 18, 2008

A day in the life

My friend Shanny over at Bless Your Heart is doing her summer edition of PhoBloDays (Photo Bloggy Days) and everyone is posting day-in-the-life pictures every hour or so. So here is our day. I'm actually in these pics (which hardly ever happens) because Catherine was here to take them. (click any image to enlarge) 7 o'clock hour: Ree is the first kiddo up today. Here she is enjoying a jelly sandwich for breakfast. Mmmmmm. 8 o'clock hour: Preschool dropoff. The girls played peek-a-boo and other (extremely loud and apparently hilarious) games with Catherine all the way there. 9 o'clock hour: A blazingly fast grocery shopping trip while the girls spent a couple of hours in preschool. We had to go quickly because we "wasted" quite some time at the mandatory donut shop. Check out this cute coconut with a face! 10 o'clock hour: Only been up for five hours or so, but already tired. Had to take a quick nap. Ok, ready to go again. 11 o'clock hour: Beginning the painful process of packing for our trip to Texas. Note that the entire left half of the table is food/snacks for the plane. And yes, we ALWAYS travel with the grande sack of Peanut M&Ms, in fact we'll probably buy another one for the return trip. We also bought some Cares Flight Harnesses that convert the regular airplane seatbelts into five-point harnesses for the kiddos (more for our sanity than their safety, to be frank). They're way lighter than dragging carseats through the airport. 12 o'clock hour: The packing staging area keeps getting ransacked. I need to get the stuff out of here pronto. 1 o'clock hour: Starving out of my mind and thank goodness Catherine wanted to make some of my mother-in-law's famous tuna salad. I scarfed down the entire sandwich in about 14 seconds. 2 o'clock hour: The girls are finally napping. Quick -- check email. Every hour until infinity: Laundry. And more laundry. And more. It never ends. Do you see that towering pile of the girls' clothes? It was so heavy I grunted in a very unseemly fashion when I picked up the basket. 3 o'clock hour: Ro wakes up from nap and we have our typical post-nap snuggle (one of the best parts of my day). 4 o'clock hour: Started upstairs for the fourth time to try to put the finished laundry away. Had to clean up a pee accident then Ree slammed Ro's head into the wall (accidentally I'm sure) and we had to stop for ice. And then I can't even remember why else I got delayed. 5 o'clock hour: Ro had already had 3 highly unusual accidents and was now commando (that's the house rule) when she had accident #4. In Ree's room, partially on her mermaid rug. Poor horrified girl kept saying "I give Ree my carpet, I go get my carpet." Sweet little pee-pot. Then they "helped" to clean it up. 6 o'clock hour: TubaDad is finally home from his business trip (hooray hooray) and Catherine had the brilliant idea that TubaDad give the girls dinner at home and WE go out for a fancy schmancy dinner. That girl is a genius. And boy did we need it. 7 o'clock hour: Back from dinner and the girls are hyped up and running around in jammies. They were so excited to see us that we got HUGE hugs. I need to leave more often! I thought this picture was kind of funny because Ro fell and you can see that instead of helping we both grabbed our cameras. Nice... 8 o'clock hour: Girls in bed and monitors on. Ahhhhhh. Finally time to blog. There won't be a 9 or 10 o'clock pic because I will hopefully be fast asleep. Catherine is going to post her own version of the day, which I'll have to read in the morn. She's not allowed to read this post first, so it'll be interesting to see what she writes. 'Night...