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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Guess who came to visit us?!

Pure glee all around. The girls gave Catherine about 23 seconds to settle in before leaping on her. They just love her to pieces. I'm guessing, based on prior experience, that she's going to be much better than I about posting stories/piccies of our visit this week, so take a peek at her blog. If I can con Catherine into watching the girls for about an hour or so, I'll also try to (finally!) post pictures from the lost Fourth of July. PS: We are now a disease-free household. Everyone is finally feeling back to normal and ready for anything. Oh, except for the babydolls. We tried to put all the buckets away yesterday but it caused quite a ruckus and much crying among the legions of babydolls. So the buckets remain, a possibly-now-permanent fixture of the playroom.