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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're not going to let Catherine leave

We're having a wonderful time. This morning my folks toddlersat for a little bit while we hit the local Target. This afternoon we all swam and scarfed burgers from the poolside cafe. Then tonight we made crockpot candy with chocolate, peanuts, pretzels and fritos. It's in the fridge cooling right now, if it turns out I'll post the recipe. Catherine's day started a tad abruptly, by the way. I overheard Ree talking to her babydoll in the living room: "You sad Cafrin not wake yet? Ohhhhh." and headed upstairs to relay this little funny to our esteemed visitor when the girls tore past me, ran screaming into the guestroom, threw small plastic toys everywhere, and started talking/singing at top decibel. Oops. Here are a few recent pics, including the ones from the 4th, the pic of our new purses from Pink Evita (she made tiny surprise versions for the girls!), and the shot that just kills me, the one of our van six days after Ree got sick and we abandoned it. (thumbnails, detail, slideshow)

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