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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth of July (a day early)

(click to enlarge, Ro in white top, Ree in white skirt) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We're taking the girls to their first-ever fireworks tonight and hoping for the best. Ree doesn't like loud noises at all, so I'm packing some tiny earplugs and will be ready to high-tail it to the car if she freaks out. Ro will just be thrilled to be out after dark, so she'll probably be up for anything. I snapped these pics this morning on our way out to feed the chickens at a local farm. I swear, they've got more cute furry animals there than you'd ever want to see, but all the girls care about are those mangy chickens. I don't even like chickens! Oh well... we were running really late, but the girls looked so cute and were in such funny moods that I just had to stop and grab the camera.