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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Four carseats in our van

First, thank you for all the suggestions and support with Ro's sleeping (or lack of it). Incredibly helpful. We've been using many of your tips, along with the new calendar (which the girls love) and consistent nightly explanations and reassurance, and we're seeing slow and steady improvement. Alright, on to the blog post about what the heck we've been doing and why I haven't posted in almost a week: It's too dang quiet here. Our last visitors for the summer -- twins H2 and S2 and their fun parents -- just hopped on a plane and now the house is eerily silent. We had such a great time, and the kids loved hanging out, being girly, swimming, eating, visiting Gilroy Gardens and a local park, and playing with some little friends. A few pics from the week (Yes I know, "a few" isn't quite accurate, but my mother has been hounding me so I'd better post enough to satisfy): (View thumbnails, detail, or slideshow)

Do you see the one with the four carseats in our van? Well the girls thought this arrangement was just the best thing since fruitroll (I'd say sliced bread, but they're kind of lukewarm on it). These pictures were all taken with my tiny purse camera, by the way. My beloved D300 is on the fritz. The focus is all out of whack and it's going in for service (sob).