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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good water and bad water

The girls grew a whole bunch taller when we weren't looking. So tall that trying to pull their swimsuits on this weekend reminded me of struggling to get my Guess jeans on back in the 80s. Oops. Since the local stores are now stocking winter gear (doesn't that drive you crazy?!) I figured we would just tough it out for a few more weeks. Luckily, while shopping for shampoo at a nearby drugstore, we meandered by the summer clearance aisle and found two awesome boy's floaty suits for a steal. Score! Ro and Ree adore the suits, and the foam inside is so bouyant that I've taken the girls to the pool the last two afternoons by myself (no mean feat). Ro has the light-blue stripe and Ree has the lime-green one. Oh and the pool is the good water, by the way. The bad water completely flooded the front yard when our water main broke sometime after we went to bed. TubaDad says we're going to get a thousand-dollar water bill this month. That couldn't really happen, could it?