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Monday, September 15, 2008

I tell you a secret

This sisterly secret-telling session took place a few months ago, but I forgot to publish it.

Since my faithful D300 camera is STILL in the shop (TubaDad logged into our service account and they were reporting a "major part repair," yeeks!), maybe this video will make up for the sparsity/poor quality of recent pictures.

What a kick-butt, great weekend. On Saturday we celebrated the Moon Festival with our local FCC (Families with Children from China) group and the girls were elated that we got to stay out after dark. Actually, the late hour made such a big impression that they now call it "The Dark Party" instead of the Moon Festival.

The one thing Ro and Ree didn't love, by the way, was the brand of mooncakes we brought. To be honest, I didn't love them either. Here they are throwing them on the floor when I tried to get "just one picture" of them before the festivities:

On Sunday we invited a big 'ole group of families who have adopted from China (or are waiting to adopt) to a huge park where we hung out, had fun, talked up a storm, picnicked, and chased all the cute kiddos around. Oh man, it was so nice to see everyone and catch up -- I must have smiled for 4 hours straight. Thank you to each and every person who came, I think we ended up with around 70 people and I hope everyone had a really good time. I know Ro and Ree did. After such an action-packed weekend, they fell into deep coma-like naps and had to be woken up at 5pm because we were worried they'd never get up.