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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do they ever fight with each other?

I get this question all the time. And the answer is probably incredibly annoying, but the truth is that Ree and Ro really don't fight. They're best friends and seriously enjoy the heck out of each other's company. I know, I know, it sounds drippy and saccharine. But it's true.

They're not angels, by any stretch of the imagination. They have your standard, garden-variety toy-stealing competitions, which usually end when someone lets loose a glass-breaking scream and I clutch my bleeding ears and snarlingly say "that's it, the toy is now MINE!" But these petty tussels are brief and instantly forgiven.

The girls spend almost all of their waking hours playing with each other (and destroying our house, one day at a time, but that's another story). They make up goofball imaginary games that they think are quite hilarious, they race around at break-neck speed (frequently crashing into and toppling each other like miniature football players), and they subject their babydolls to all sorts of torture in the name of love. Definitely BFF:
Ree left, Ro right

PS: Want a sneak peek at their Halloween costumes? Here's a quickie snapshot I grabbed while the girls were wearing just the bottom parts of their fab new monkey costumes today. They're sitting in the backyard, eating dried apricots, and gabbing away to their babydolls. A pretty typical sight these days. The costumes (ordered from here) are a soft pajama-like suede and also have adorable little hoods and ears that the girls aren't wearing in the pic. They came in the mail this week and I don't think a day has gone by since without a monkey sighting in our house. They are practically loving those costumes to shreds. I'm probably going to have to order new ones by the end of October, but I don't even care -- it's worth anything to hear them bellylaugh and belt out dueling versions of "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" while they hop up and down in those deliciously cute little outfits. My mission this week is to get their unique vocal rendition on video.

Ree left, Ro right