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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why my car battery is dead

Giggling hysterically inside the Giga BallMy dad came over to exhaust play with the girls and I broke out the Giga Ball that TubaDad's family gave us for Christmas. Patient dad spent over an hour inflating the thing -- it had over a dozen compartments and the only pump I could find was our funky one that plugs into a cigarette lighter. It worked, but we accidentally killed the minivan battery in the process (oops). The girls thought the new Giga Ball was awesome! They giggled hysterically, immediately squeezed inside, wanted me to roll them all over the lawn for an hour (tossing them around like popcorn), then climbed on top to lounge on their giant inflatable "couch." Then they ran in the house, grabbed the babydolls, and started all over again. Their crazy static hair just killed me, as did the way they'd give me the waterskier's thumbs up when they were ready to be rolled around inside the ball. (View thumbnails, detail, or slideshow) PS: Ree's in the orange shirt and flowered shorts, and Ro is in the red shirt and denim shorts, although it's hard to tell the shirt colors apart in these pictures for some reason. Their bracelets are still a giveaway though -- think "Ro right."