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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sand in places where there shouldn't be sand (***updated pics)

We're at the beach again, Avila Beach this time, near my old college haunt of San Luis Obispo. We rented a funky old beach house for a few days while TubaDad's playing a gig down here. The girls are having a ball (I always say that, don't I? But they are. They love rolling in the sand -- good god I don't know that we'll ever get all that sand out.) A few pictures. The girls (Ro shown here) look forward to "roadtrip food" for a week beforehand:

Ahhhhh, on the beach...

The girls were overjoyed when BobBob and Wela stopped by for a day on their way home from Arizona. Here they're having a race to see who can squash their line of sandcastles first:

All the water in the ocean and Ro would rather stand in a bucket of water:

And, of course, if her sister does it you know Ree's doing it too:

Oh, and how often do you get a picture of the exact minute that your camera is ruined? Here's Ro throwing sand at me and my tiny purse camera. I didn't move out of the way fast enough so now we've got a non-retractable lens and the lens cover only closes half way. Sigh...

Unfortunately I'm too lazy to load the rest of the pictures into Blogger and the fog is burning off so it's time to go roll in the sand again. Whoopee! So, here's the full Avila Beach set with a bunch more snapshots. There are some cute ones. We'll be home soon, and then I guess summer will officially be over.

***Update: I added some more pics to the Avila Beach set, so now there are some from the venue TubaDad played today -- the girls' first concert!