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Friday, October 3, 2008

Do you think the preschool would be surprised if we showed up with bacon?

The girls' birthday is on Monday and we're sorta ready. We've got a couple of presents hiding in the office, the festive wrapping paper and cards are in the car (yeah I'm horribly last-minute when it comes to wrapping), and my mom is researching fondant methods. I think we are going do two homemade versions of the cute little box cake that Wzgirl recently featured on her blog. And when I say "we" in this case I mean my mom, thank goodness. Because if it was left up to me we'd be eating cakes from the corner grocery store. The birthday will be a blast, but we're keeping the day really simple. The girls will be thrilled with any little thing, afterall they spend most of their time these days playing with their naked babydolls and whatever sticks, rocks, chairs, or curbs they happen to come across. Like they did yesterday at dinner: At bedtime last night, Ree said she wanted to have her birthday at preschool. And when I said "Cool, do you want to bring cupcakes to school?" she answered "No, I want to bring bacon." Grin! TubaDad is going to be so proud. I'm trying out the new Flickr embedded slideshow function and I think it's buggy. So if the above embedded slideshow doesn't work when you press the triangle start button, you can view the thumbnail page, details page, or old-style slideshow instead. Ro is in the pink shirt and Ree is in the orange one.