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Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's always a good day when it starts with BobBob and ends with cookies

My dad (BobBob) came over to play with Ro and Ree so I could dig out the laundry room and try to tame the mountain of crap that had settled on our kitchen counters. Do you think he'll ever get tired of playing with babydolls? Man I hope not!: Ree, thinking of some fresh new mischief: Ro, scheming that she'll go faster than her sister on the tricycle this time: Sliding in this house is a fast-moving endeavor -- you have to be quick, because there's always someone right behind you (ready to push you over and slide on top of your inert body): They like to push each other around on the bikes now, going so fast that they're constantly tipping over and landing in a heap of arms, legs, tires, and tears. I see an emergency room trip in our near future...: Super excited to make cookies, especially with the new Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern on the counter (they're selling them at Walgreen's right now): Peering over the top of the counter to keep an eye on those fresh-baked cookies that are cooling off. They must have asked "are they ready yet" about a hundred times: Ree left, Ro right And yes, they did finally get to eat the cookies. I'm not sure how many, since TubaDad was in charge of doling them out and he's a big softie.