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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ree and Ro had a blast monkeying around for their preschool picture this year. I thought since the pics were snapped in October that their costumes would be more fun than dressy clothes. The girls thought so too. You should have seen the grins we got when we ran through the grocery store to get fresh bananas that morning. The happiest little monkeys ever: Happy Halloween from Ree (L) and Ro (R) Clutching their bananas really tight: We go bananas for Halloween (Ree left, Ro right) Little tough-guy poses: Happy Halloween from our tough little monkeys (Ro left, Ree right) My mom was with me the day the school handed out the finished pictures and we both screamed and giggled when we saw them. Quite embarrassing actually. But COME ON, they are just the cutest school pictures ever. Anyhow, a big huge Happy Halloween from our little monkeys. I hope you all enjoy trick-or-treating this year, from one side of the door or the other. PS: Can you tell who's who, by the way? If you mouseover or click on the picture I've listed the answers, and the school photographer switched them around once or twice just to make it extra challenging.