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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I swear we don't feed our kids junk food all the dang time

Although you couldn't prove it by these photos. They're my three favorite pics from the last bunch that got downloaded. And, entirely coincidentally (seriously, man), they all involve junk food. Ree makes what looks to be a passionate acceptance speech about receiving her lollipop: DSC_3474 It also amuses me to see the girls' choice of PJs each night. This night they were quite fashionably in sync. The girls enjoy a quick bite o' bacony goodness before preschool. How many times have I talked about bacon on this blog? I'm guessing the number would be a little embarrassing. DSC_3458 Ree wakes Ro up from a nap. Always a risky endeavor -- Ro is quite dramatic if not woken up in exactly the proper manner. Anyhow,Ree hedged her bet by putting a pizza-flavored Pringle (heck yeah they're good) within sniffing distance before she prodded Ro awake. Smart move, little Ree. DSC_3464 Funny kids. I was tired of seeing that post about the thief at the top of my blog, so I scrounged around and found these pics, then realized they were all about food. Classic. How about you guys? What kind of food makes your kid(s) do the happy dance?