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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wondering why little Ree has a black eye?

It wasn't from hours of head-crashing birthday fun at the inflatable party zone. Although there were plenty of opportunities to be had: (view thumbnails, detail, or old-style slideshow) No, this black eye was because TubaDad and I had a brief moment of insanity and decided to let the girls sleep in the same room in honor of their birthday. They've been requesting it lately, and we thought "Hey they're three now, they can handle it, what's the worst thing that could happen?" (You already know this isn't going to end well, right?) Full of high hopes, we moved Ro's bed into Ree's room, and the girls danced with delight and SWORE to behave. Then they spent the next three hours egging each other on, screaming, giggling, not sleeping, dragging heavy furniture around the room, and climbing higher and higher so they could jump into midair and catch each other. The revelry came to an abrupt end when they scaled the dresser, leaped off, and Ree ended up sobbing. This video cam screenshot is dark, but it's clear enough to show Ree standing on the dresser poised to jump and Ro in mid-climb. Sigh... Minutes before we separated them again Ah well, at least we didn't have to go to the emergency room this time. They're back in their peaceful separate rooms now, but I didn't really have to say that did I?

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