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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ooo-Tube gets four thumbs up in this house

The girls turn up their noses at tv, but would watch "Ooo-Tube" (YouTube) videos for hours if I let them. (I don't. Mostly because they can't work a mouse yet and I don't have the patience to sit at the computer and listen to "zany" kid videos over and over and over). Anyhow, R&M have their own page of favorite videos. They've all been pre-approved for toddler viewing by me, and, most importantly, by Ro and Ree. Here's the list, in case you need some kid-friendly bookmarks. If you have any favorites that I could add to the list, please PLEASE share the urls. Think of it as a public service -- you're saving me from gauging my eyes out if I have to watch the Wiggles singing "Blow up Your Balloon" one more time. Sesame Street - Orange Sings Carmen (Ree's favorite video of all time) The Rhino Song Swiss National Day Fireworks Display in Biel (2006) The Dinosaurs Song My Cat Tiggy Talking/Speaking Hello The Two Talking Cats Mocka the Miracle Diving Dog Wheels on the Bus Sesame Street Ladybugs' Picnic The Elephant Song, Eric Herman Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song Five Little Monkeys The Wiggles, Blow Up Your Balloon ABC Song by Tiptaptop.com Cooking with Sophie Lu If You Are Happy Five Little Ducks (Ro's fave) Oh, and one quick question: has anyone heard of that song "Little Bunny Foo Foo"? Ro and Ree have been singing it lately (they say the preschool teachers taught it to them) and the lyrics are just plain creepy if you ask me. What's up with the rabbit jumping through the forest, scooping up mice, and bopping them on the head? At first we thought something had been lost in translation, but the words they're singing really are the right ones. What the heck?