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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pure sugar for dinner

Halloween '08 was a big success in the girls' eyes. They were too excited to choke down a boring 'ole dinner and then they got to eat as many lollipops as they wanted. Score! They totally got the whole "knock on doors" concept this year. They'd tear up to each door, lollipop wedged firmly in cheek, and pound away until someone answered. Then they'd deliberate for what seemed like hours over which candy to choose. Luckily people thought they were cute and didn't seem to get exasperated. They had so much fun that they literally wore out their monkey feet. (Ro in the blue skirt and Ree in the pink one, then Ro has the tan banana purse and Ree has the red one. Captioned pics can also be seen here.) After they were done trick or treating, we changed the girls into jammies and then they got to hold the candy bowl when anyone knocked on our door. Shoot, they liked this almost as much as getting their own candy! And it was kinda cute to see huge, scary-looking costumed teenagers leaning over our tiny girls and talking really gently while they plucked a candy from the bowl. Poor little Ree was upstairs using the facilities when the doorbang rang one time, so Ro got to do it herself. Seconds after the folks left, a half-naked Ree came barreling down the stairs saying "Wait! Wait!" She was crushed that she had missed it. So we told her to wave to everyone, and both girls (one fully clothed and one, well, not) stood for a long time at the door waving and yelling "Hi Hi Hi Happy How-ween" to everyone who passed on the dark street. Fun night. Now I'm going to steal a few chocolates from their trick or treat purses (shhhhhh) and then it's off to bed. Hope you had a great Halloween, from one side of the door or the other.