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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Disney put on a good show, as usual

We took the girls to a Disney on Ice show tonight and they were pretty impressed. (Shoot, WE were impressed and we've been around for a few more decades than they have.) That ole Disney sure knows how to play to an audience. We got the "cheap seats," which were about twenty bucks a ticket, and had no complaints. Ro and Ree clapped enthusiastically after each song (that was my favorite part), happily gorged on popcorn, and cheered heartily when Snow White came out. She's been their "best" princess ever since she held Ro's hand in the princess pavilion at Disneyland. I didn't take any pics during the show since I still haven't replaced my stolen purse camera, but here are a few right before we left for the performance and also one that the staff photographer took. The girls wanted to wear their Minnie Mouse shirts and Minnie necklaces and also carry a stuffed mouse. TubaDad and I were bad Disney consumers and only talked up the mouse and gang beforehand. We completely forgot about all the princesses and animated movie characters. Oops. Oh well, I think seeing everyone else was a nice surprise for the girls. If the show comes to your area, check it out, it was a good one. Oh yeah, we're going to dance at the Disney show We're coming to see you Mickey When your sister falls down you have to too Wheeeee, we're so excited to go see Mickey One tough girl (R) and one smiley girl (M) (Ro is in the red shirt and Ree is in the purple one) Ro's favorite part of the show was Snow White, of course, and Ree said hers was "that stinky cow." Huh? It took us a really long time to figure out that she meant the big brown warthog who sang in the Lion King number. His buddy was a meercat, in case anyone was stumped on that one too. Hakuna Matata everyone!