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Monday, October 6, 2008

Thirteen hours of birthday fun and her favorite part was fixing the toilet?!

It was a LONG day, chock full of birthday goodness. TubaDad and I are exhausted, but Ree and Ro sure had fun. The girls were up before the sun and raring to go. We thought we'd ease into the day with our typical family cuddle in the big bed but they were having none of it. They easily dodged around us, raced downstairs in their PJs, and went at high speed for the rest of the day. There were PRESENTS, and cake, and visits from family, and lunch at Mandarin Gourmet, and mini cupcakes at preschool, and more presents, and playing and playing and playing. And after all that, Ro said her favorite part of the day was fixing the toilet with daddy. Honestly? The toilet? She said she liked seeing the water come out. Well okay then. Here's a photographic recap of the day: (Click the triangle start button to play, or view thumbnails, detail page with captions, or old-style slideshow.) My favorite quote of the day was when TubaDad was heading upstairs to work on the broken toilet (yes it is all glamour all the time around here) and he called out to the girls "Hey girls, I need two throw-up buckets, please get them for me." They knew exactly what he wanted and grabbed them out of the playroom for him. Happy birthday little girls, mama and daddy love you bunches. Oct 2005, Oct 2006, Oct 2007, Oct 2008: Ree left, Ro rightRo left, Ree rightRee left, Ro rightRo left, Ree right Note: By the way, someone must have told the girls that three is the new two, because their behavior is just killing us lately. They're as adorable as ever, and we love them to the moon and back, but this new (hopefully brief, oh please oh please let it be brief) phase of bone-crushing rough play, not listening to a thing we say, and piercingly loud repetitive games (especially in the car) is tough... Is anyone else experiencing sudden parental trauma around the three-year-old mark?