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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks to Danielle, the code wizard

I've been jonesing for a 3-column layout for about a year now, but my blog template was so old-school that I couldn't even make any changes to it without generating glaring blogger-hates-you-and-your-code-stinks errors. Along came Danielle (Blogs by Danielle), who waved her magic wand and made all the spiffy changes I needed without even breaking a sweat. Ahhhhh. Now I've got room to spread things out so the lone sidebar column won't go on, and on, and on, for freaking ever. And the middle column is bigger so I can post REALLY large shiny photos (you know how much I lurves those photos). Anyhow, Danielle does really fantastic designs (I tied her hands on the look-and-feel for this one because I wanted to get all the code working before going hog wild on a fun new Christmas design -- oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag? Heh.) And she's having a sale right now, so pop on over and check out her stuff. Now, to test out my new big 'ole photos, here are the girls. First we have Miss Rosy Posy herself: Ro's last day as a 2-year-old And then there's the fantabulous Teeny Reenee: Ree's last day as a 2-year-old Ooooo, it worked! Dang those girls are cute. And, for the record, they're suddenly the wildest most ornery three-year-olds we have had the pleasure of running into. TubaDad and I are kind of scrambling to regain some semblance of control in this new "We is three!" world. Wish us luck... And for everyone who offered parental condolences and assurances that we aren't alone or hallucinating that their behavior has recently changed, thank you!