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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hm, shower or blog?

Tough call, but I really need to take a shower, so this will be a quickie. Here are a few pics of our sick little girls in the last few days. They're feeling better, but still not 100%. (captioned pics are here if you'd rather see them that way) Oh, and I'm doing some blog cleanup and posted a few old drafts, including this Halloween monkey one, that never got published before. The posts are buried pretty far back in the blog because the original dates were so old. I didn't think anyone would notice, but then got a few sweet comments on the monkey post, so maybe it showed up in RSS readers or something? ** The Nikon D300 is still in the repair shop, so all recent pics have been taken with our new little Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot, which I don't love.


  1. Glad to hear the girls are on the road to recovery!!

    Those school pics are the BEST....how cute are they in their monkey costumes!!

    Take Care,


  2. Anonymous11/19/2008

    Had to laugh when I read your "Random Questions" - I'm the woman from Hong Kong airport - still checking in to your blog occasionally! Your girls just get more and more gorgeous (so does mine of course too!!). And no, I don't usually wander up to complete strangers in airports and start conversations

  3. The Halloween post did show up in RSS feeds ... I thought you had finally lost your mind! ;)

  4. Kristina11/19/2008

    We must have the same thing as the girls....my mom and dad did take Savannah to the CDM too and 2 days later...yuk! It is going on 3 weeks for my cough and I am done with it. Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving! We of course, are off to the land of Mouses!!!

  5. Glad you like the new look! :)

    The girls look awfully cute, as usual. I loved the video of them eating ice cream. Their voices are so cute!

  6. Those sweaters are wonderful! Perfect for keeping 2 little salsa gals feeling under the weather warm and cozy. Glad they're starting to feel better.

  7. Glad to hear they are feeling better!!!

  8. So glad the crud is moving on. Love the monkey shots! Pure cuteness!

  9. Anonymous11/19/2008

    I suppose a sister will make any sacrifice to accomodate her sister's viewing pleasure.

  10. ohh I have the sony cybershot and i really like it! which model did you get? mine is the dsc-w150

  11. So did the cat ever turn up?

    Glad to hear you're feeling better and/or showered, as the case may be.

  12. Lisa: Thanks! Those monkey pics will probably be my fave school pics of all time.

    Anon at 2:16am: So great to hear from you!!! We still chuckle about meeting you in that airport. Drop me an email sometime.

    Michelle: I think I lost it a loooooong time ago, haha.

    Kristina: Have a blast at the house o' the mouse. Hope you guys are all recovered now.

    Danielle: Thanks! Icecream is pretty dang popular around here -- I think half the time we give it to them just to see the hilarious expressions they make while eating it.

    Christina: We have the Sony Cybershot DSC-W300. I'm still fiddling around with all the settings, but I'm not having any luck at all getting clear pics without the flash. And if I have to use the flash everytime the camera is only about half as fast as the twins. ;-)

    FDChief: No sign of Mango yet... I really miss that little orange sweetie. I'm not giving up hope yet though.

  13. Poor girls, they actually look a bit under the weather. Hope they wake up today (coz you're still in yesterday!) feeling bright and chipper!

    Sorry to hear that Mango is still off the radar.

  14. shower

    I am SO sorry about your cat! We just adopted two kittens, one of which has cost me a pretty penny in wound care for a nasty abscess and now looks ABSURD in her ghetto Elizabethan collar. You can come cuddle her anytime you want.

  15. I know it ain't the BESTEST of fun in Salsa land right now but my music player just mysteriously skipped (when I hit your blog) to a song called "Today".....is the greatest day i've ever known, can't wait for tomorrow..... Coincidence or just plain stating fact??? Love to Rosie and Ree ree. (And you guys of course)

  16. Even sick they are cute. Glad to hear they are getting better. Her is to a swift and complete recovery.

  17. Glad they are getting better...
    Get yourself a cheap Canon SD-860is or SD-880is. Excellent cameras for cheap.
    How did TubaDad's big day go?