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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Zoo, icecream, and a potty ride -- now that's a good day in kidland

TubaDad had a tuba performance Sunday afternoon, so the girls and I tagged along and made a roadtrip out of it.

We started the day with Donettes and milk in bed (have to kick a roadtrip off the right way, of course), explored the San Francisco zoo, then the girls and I hung out at a local mall and had icecream and found a few bright sparkly things at a Christmas store. The Christmas store was their idea, not mine, by the way. Frankly I thought that taking two three-year-olds who hadn't napped and had just eaten a pile of sugar into a mostly breakables store was insane. Ah well. They swore up and down that they would behave (I made them shake on it before we went in the store), and they actually did. I was so shocked I actually let them buy something.

Here are a few pics of the girls whooping it up at the zoo. Ro is in the white jacket and Ree is in the black one (except for the first pic):

(Captioned pics here) And here's a quick little video of Ro and Ree attacking their cones in the icecream parlor.

Oh, one quick funny: we had to pull over in a parking lot (many times) during the long day to let someone or other use the car potty that we keep in the back of the van. One of the times, TubaDad accidentally parked in a puddle. I wasn't going to say anything, just plopped little Ree on the seat and straddled the puddle while she was occupied. But TubaDad just had to move the car, so I told Ree to hold on, and he backed up a foot or so. Instead of freaking out (like I might have if I'd been sitting on the pot and it moved), she screamed with joy and yelled "Wheeeeeeeee hee hee hee, good thing I have a handle of my potty!" Well then of course Ro demanded the same treatment, so we had to swap places and do it all again with her little butt on the throne. I can only imagine what people must think when they see us doing these kinds of things...


  1. Is it really that cold where you are? They are awfully cute and love the potty ride story.

  2. Anonymous11/10/2008

    cute :)

  3. Looks like a good day was had by all.

  4. What a cute little ice cream conversation. How did they know that vanilla was made with vanilla beans??? Genius I tell you, PURE GENIUS!!!

    Love the riding potty story.... hee hee.

  5. The potty trick is a hoot.

    Mmm...ice cream.

  6. Your girls are so adorable! I've been following your story since just before your referral and it has been so fun to see them grow.

    I love the potty story. Priceless!

  7. Good times, good times! Love the video!!

  8. Do you have to massage your cheeks (the ones on your face, silly) at the end of the day after smiling and laughing so much at these two? :)

    We were at Disneyland yesterday and thought of you guys.


  9. Cute! Boy they sure like to move when they eat!
    It's funny to hear that Emma is not the only one who says "what you said?"
    I notice the girls' hair looks longer. Are you going to let them have long hair?
    I would cut Emma's hair in heart beat but she wants long hair so bad that I can't even cut her bangs (oh yes, she also wants bangs but doesn't want the scissors near her!)

  10. Gosh, your kids make me laugh....

    I have no idea what story Marie was telling, but... I was captivated....


  11. That potty story is so funny. Good idea to have one in the car. After 4 kids, I have never thought of that. I love how they are just always moving. You can even tell in the still shots that they are moving. They are always in a different place in the wagon. Wouldn't it be great to have that energy?! I find I sit motionless way to often...maybe its because my kids are always on the move too and the life has been SUCKED out of me. Their little voices are so cute they made me smile.

  12. Love the potty story!

  13. Theresa11/11/2008

    I love watching your videos. More please

  14. Those girls are so stinking cute. I just want to reach through the screen and squeeze them!

    And somedays, I wish my potty had a handle bar too!! HA HA HA great story!

  15. Anonymous11/12/2008

    MAN! Those cuties know how to eat an ice cream cone. Very advance cone control, I must say.

  16. OMG - what cute photos! I love the girls' little personalities!!

  17. Catherine11/21/2008

    Brrr...looks chilly but lots of fun! Have to laugh at all the unique ways they like to ride the wagon...and the potty too! Heh...who woulda thunk a couple of years ago TubaDad would be hosting riding potty rides. What kids will do to you!

    Miss you friend!!

  18. Hey guys! Had to answer a few questions before I hit the sack for the night:

    Beverly -- It's not too bad where we live, I think it's been in the low 60s during the day this week, but we spent the weekend in some cold areas!

    Lisa and Tate -- No idea where they heard about vanilla beans, or vanilla seeds as they called them too. It cracked me up. I'm guessing TubaDad, aka Mr Icecream, had something to do with it when I wasn't around. ;-)

    Teresa: Oh man I wish we could have met you at Disneyland. The girls have been asking to go again, so maybe we'll be down there soon...

    Mexican chopsticks -- I was thinking this was about as long as I wanted the girls' hair to get, but then I watched the latest Jon and Kate Plus Eight where they visit Hawaii, and their daughter Hannah's hair was halfway down her back and gorgeous! So now I kind of want to let it grow. R&M's hair gets pretty tangled already though and they hate to have it brushed out. We'll see. They've had three haircuts already.

    Laurel -- Yep they never stop moving, even when they're sitting. It's crazy. And I'm with you, I would kill to have that much energy...

    Theresa -- Thanks! I'll try to post more videos. I take a lot but always hesitate to post them because I think they're too long or too boring or whatever.