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Friday, December 19, 2008

Goodbye Santa Claus

Whew, it was a two-party day and I am tuckered out. This morning the girls had their preschool Christmas program, with a guest visit from the jolly man himself. In case there was any doubt, they are TOTALLY over that whole scared-of-Santa thing. Ro squirmily waited for her name to be called and once she heard it took off like a shot and practically vaulted into Santa's lap, where she once again confirmed that she wants TubaNuts for Christmas:
Outta my way, Santa called my name!!!

Ree, looking cheeky in her little preschool hat:
Smug little elf (Ree)

Ro jauntily models her preschool Santa hat:
Sweet little elf (Ro)

Then this afternoon we went to my dad's birthday party and the girls had so much fun I had to drag them home. I had to chuckle when my folks' good friend Chuck (who just happens to have white hair and a beard) came in and Ro clutched my arm and dramatically whispered "Mama, how come Santa Claus no have on mittens?" Then when we were leaving I asked the girls to say goodbye to everyone and Ro waved at Chuck and said "Goodbye Santa Claus!"

Here are rest of the pics from the day. View them as thumbnails, captioned mini pics, or slideshow.


  1. Anonymous12/19/2008

    This picture says it all. Who would believe BobBob was friends with THE Santa Claus ? Love the picture and to me represents Christmas through the eyes of your little girls.

  2. He DOES look just like the Saint, himself!

  3. Anonymous12/20/2008

    lol the guy does look like Santa Claus

  4. What a fun couple of days of partying! Christmas is the best!

    2 visits from Santa in 2 days? Whee!! Glad you were all able to share the pre-school program. Love the look on the kids faces when daddy arrives.

    Still have my thinking cap on about the tubanuts! Those girls have us all stumped!!

    Hope you have a great weekend sweetie. xo

  5. Well oh my word...Chuck does resemble the jolly old guy!!! And he wore a red shirt. Brilliant move on his part.

    Darling pictures of your sweet gals as always...what precious memories you are making this holiday season....

    Best wishes,


  6. Oh my gosh, please tell me his day job is santa? no wonder they thought that...

  7. Hello there!

    I am a enjoyer of your blog-- came across through another friend's blog. Just wanted to stop by and say how incredibly adorable your little ones are! I think the one of your daughter running to Santa Claus has made my Christmas this season! Really! :0)

  8. Oh my goodness!! Santa Chuck would be a huge hit at our house! He's better than all of the Santas we've had so far this year. How lucky for the girls! Maybe they need to get Santa Chuck a nice pair of gloves this Christmas! If he'd come visit us I'd be glad to give him gloves, hats, and scarves!

    Thanks for making my Christmas even merrier!


  9. bob-bob's friend DOES look like santa :)

    love the pics.

  10. I love this story about 'Santa'! When Tara (my daughter) and Dirk were getting married, Rachel (the twins' oldest sister) was three. The wedding was a small affair at our house and Rachel was the flower girl. Right in the middle of the ceremony Rachel interrupts the wedding with a loud --- "Why is Santa here?" and sure enough right there was Dirk's uncle who had snow white hair and beard looking just like Santa all dressed for a wedding! This fine gentleman has been doing Santa for many years at malls and partys in the area. In fact this is the first Santa the twins ever visited about 6 weeks after they came home from China -- with many tears I might add :)

    Donna -- The Mimi from Hope and Faith's blog

  11. Well now next year the girls can have their pic's taken with Chuck-the-Santa instead of Mall-Santa's knee! :)

    Love the stories, love the girls!


  12. Those are the cutest pictures ever! Love their party smiles!!!!!

  13. Oooooh you are family friends with SANTA that is sooooo cool!