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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is how we amuse ourselves while TubaDad's away

TubaDad has been freezing his cahones off on an icy Canadian business trip, so the girls and I have been finding ways to keep busy. Tonight we took a carload of stuff to charity and then stopped at one of our favorite Italian restaurants for a big spaghetti dinner. Afterwards Ro and Ree wanted to go see Santa, and they had been such angels that I couldn't refuse. So off we went (after they had a brief argument with me and the waitress about which nearby mall had a candy store). By the way, if you ask the girls where Santa lives, they scream "At the mall!" which cracks me up every time. Anyhow, here's Santa pic #2 of the year, and it probably won't be the last. I think this one is even cuter than the last one, especially since it makes me grin that Ro's hair is matted with some type of food and scraped back in a ponytail, Ree is wearing her favorite glittery ruby slippers, Ro's shirt is splattered with spaghetti sauce from the dinner that she thoroughly enjoyed, and Ree is waving her hands around animatedly talking about candy. 2008: Still loving the man in red Happy Santa hunting y'all. May all your Santas be located next to candy stores.


  1. Too flipping adorable!

    We tried to convince Anna to just stand NEAR Santa for a picture and it was a total bust. Guess I will just have to be patient.

    You do realize that you will now have to take 35 pictures with every holiday hero because they now know that all they have to do is smile sweetly for the camera and there will be candy, right?

    Not that I am saying there is ANYTHING wrong with that...my boys have already deemed themselves too old to sit on Santa's lap. sniffle
    I wish I had 75 more pictures of them on Santa's lap when they were young.

  2. I apologize, on behalf of Canadians everywhere, for the coldness of your husband's cahones. I hope he is not "cahone-less" when he comes home. It really cannot be helped. We live too close to the north pole. That's why we get so many presents at Christmas.

  3. yes, this one is cuter so that only means the more they take with Santa the cuter they are going to look. Now did you pick the photo or did "Santa" pick it?
    I really like this one, they are both smiling and look so happy!
    Cute, cute, cute!

  4. Its a good thing you bought stock in "candy resources". LOL The girls are getting so big!

  5. Wow...is it me, or does Rose look like you in this picture?

  6. Cute, cute pic! Love how much the girls are enjoying Santa this year! Can you even begin to imagine how much fun Christmas is going to be this year?? 3 is the very best year for Christmas fun!!

    Is Tuba dad in my neck of the woods? If so, hope he packed some extra long undies. It's ch-ch-chilly today and the flash freeze is playing havoc with the roads. Speaking of which, guess I should get myself to work.

    Love ya sweets! We're into the 50's....wheee!!!

  7. Schweet...I love that one too. Those two have it all figured out..this Santa gig!

    Hope Dad makes it home soon and frost-bite free.

  8. Canada? Freezing! It's a balmy -11! CELSIUS!!! That's 1 degree for you! haha! Hope he enjoys the visit!

    Love, love, love the pics of the girls!

    Merry Christmas!

    From Catherine's friend in balmy Canada!


  9. CUTE does not even BEGIN to describe these two!

  10. Kristina12/10/2008

    I agree this is the best year for visting Santa.....we have visited him at 2 malls and Disneyland!! So come on get picture number 3 taken so I don't feel too bad! Savannah runs to him and can't wait to give him a hug and talk away. We also are training a baby elf for Santa this year. "Twinkle" came on Monday night and we are taking care of her thru Christmas Eve when Santa is picking her back up!

  11. You know what? I like this photo better too! But, your girls scream cuteness in any photo they take, so you can't go wrong. I've been a loyal follower of your blog since you got your referral! And, I'm finally going to be a mommy myself. If you'd like to see our website and pics (well ultra sound ones.ha.ha.) of our little dude go to http://www.mrorex.com. Happy Santa Hunting! I'll be there with you with a most likely screaming 8 month old next year!

  12. Anonymous12/10/2008

    Pavlov at his finest!

    What a hoot!

  13. As mom to a Santa-lover, I can tell you this will definitely NOT be the last pic of the season... They look so happy!!!!

  14. My two still won't get within 20 feet of the jolly old guy. In fact, they avoid all white bearded men "just in case".

    If we're going to get a photo of Gwen and Maddy with Santa this year, there will have to be photoshopping involved!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  15. I just wrote about my daughter and her red shoe obsession!

  16. Love the photos. They look quite content in Santa's lap.

    Hope everyone is well.

    Kat, Colin, Sophia and Keenan