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Sunday, January 25, 2009

They have fun whatever they're doing

We haven't taken many pictures this week -- I'm just not feeling that great and TubaDad is stretched pretty thin and averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night. But the girls are still raring to go, even without their paparazzi. We did manage to catch a few camera-worthy moments: Tonight the girls were so amusing prancing around in their little jammies that I actually heaved my tired body up off of the floor, trudged back downstairs, and retrieved the camera. Ree is on the left (she will only wear summer jammies) and Ro is on the right (she will only wear winter jammies). I don't know what they were doing here but it made me laugh Earlier at dinner, the little stinkers refused to eat the tomato soup I made them, giggling and agreeing quite vehemently that the kind the preschool gives them is "Way better! Yeah, yots better mama!" They hated my tomato soup and said the one the preschool gives them is way better. Hmph. And yesterday, they made beds inside a tuba case while daddy was practicing. They were so tickled with their little nests that we had a pretty hard time getting them out. Bribery might have been involved, if I remember correctly. The girls made a bed in the tuba case while daddy was practicing Hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the Chinese New Year tomorrow.


  1. I wonder if tuba nuts are an appropriate snack to eat while resting in a tuba case... heehee.

  2. Anonymous1/25/2009

    I *love love love* the way you let your girls proclaim their individuality even with pajamas and, at the same time, have supported such a tender, heartwarming sisterhood between them. You are amazing.


    PS. And they are so blasted cute!

  3. Anonymous1/26/2009


    happy chinese new year to you too :)

    from China

  4. The tuba case is so cute! That would be a nice one to look at when they are older and taller.

  5. Sorry you are feeling under the weather....it is going around...I had a touch of it last week and it really knocks you down!!

    The girls look adorable in their tuba bed....and they do like mighty cozy!! I am sure it took some major bribing to get them out!!

    Hope you have a better week:)


  6. carosgram1/26/2009

    Gong Xi Fat Cai

  7. LOVE the tuba bed. Hee Hee Hee! And just a warning, the comparison to other people's food being better than yours get more frequent when they get older. I probably hear it, who am I kidding, EVERY night. Good thing we love them! Happy New Year!!!

  8. Hey that tuba case is just your solution to saving on airline ticket prices!

    Too cute.

  9. Good Morning from Atlanta, GA

    Those two are about the cutest things I've EVER seen. It must be fun, fun fun around your house 24-7.
    Keep up the pictures. I love watching them.

    Miss Lila in

  10. Love the double duty tuba case. Happy New Year.

  11. Have you tried melting a little cream cheese into your tomato soup? A friend of mine did that and now her son won't stop eating it.

    Of course, it's entirely possible that they're just being ornery.

  12. Happy Chinese New Year to you and the rest of the salsa gang!

  13. Anonymous1/26/2009

    That is the cutest illustration of the old phrase "two peas in a pod."

    Hope you are feeling better today.


  14. Anonymous1/26/2009

    Happy New Year Salsa Family!

    jon tracy and lainey

  15. Happy New Year to the Salsa family.

  16. You should let them sleep there ! Looks way more comfy then their beds. Happy New Chinese year !!

  17. I so agree with Gillian... and there is SUCH warmth in your home that comes through in every post- lots of love, I hope I can create that in abundance here to and that it shines through in the way we live our lives.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Wow, that really does look comfy!

  19. The tuba case beds are a hoot!!

    Not long now mamma! The cavalry is coming and will happily help out with all she can so that mamma and daddy can get some well deserved rest!

  20. Your Funshines always bring a smile to my face. 新年快乐 to the Salsa family!

  21. All the pictures are cute, but the girls in the tuba case are adorable!

  22. That is the cutest picture
    I love your blog. A friend of mine who follows it told me about it and she was right. you are too funny and your girls are just too cute for mwords. If you would like the password for my blog. please email me


  23. Too cute! My 2 year old has a thing for cat beds, she curls up the same way. And tupperware toy boxes.