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Monday, February 23, 2009

Any suggestions for captions on these "angelic" snapshots? :-)

#1: Ro left, Ree right #2: Ro left, Ree right #3: Ro left, Ree right #4: Ro left, Ree right


  1. Sorry not captions but I love their pink and brown pants! Where did you get those? They look soft. My little one doesn't like to wear jeans at all but I think she might let me put her on some pink ones like Ro's.

  2. Hey B! You're always up late, like me. :-) The little cordoroy pants are really soft, but the best thing is that they only have a little snap and then a tiny flap -- no zipper. That's what really sells them to my "I do it myself" girlies. They were a hand-me-down from wonderful friends, and are made by Boden. Although I don't think the company is selling any winter stuff right now -- maybe in their sale/clearance section.

  3. Oh my word.....who was I to ask if you ever feel like your life is boring.....most definitely...NOT!!

    Pictures 1 and 2 look like "How to Hide Your Sister" Picture 3 "Double the pleasure, double the fun" it could be a double mint gum commercial...lol!! Although very cute, I am at a loss for number 4....nothing comes to mind!

    They are so darn adorable...they always look like they are in the middle of an adventure.

    Have a great day....I am off to work and these pictures just put a big old smile on my face:)


  4. It's terrible but...

    #1) I love her, but she's got to go.
    #2) I'll hide the body here.

  5. I liked Maggie's comments. As to #4, for some reason I have that darned Speed Racer song drifting through my head.

  6. #2 Sis, I swear there's TubaNuts under there! Just a little farther...

  7. #1: "You see, if I come at the pancreas this way, the post-operative recovery time is greatly decreased!"

  8. Gotta tell you that I love the one on them with the bikes...total biker babes :]

  9. 1. Yes, mom. I'll get to that as soon as I'm done here.

    2. I promise you'll fit. I just did it last year!

    3. PCH - here we come.

    4. Can I ride home like this? I'll wear my sunglasses for safety.

  10. Hehe - yeah, the pants are great... I'm pretty sure I know where you got them from :-)

    As for captions, let's see:

    #1: wait for your turn, Mom!
    #2: Quick! Hide! Mom has her camera out again.
    #3: Mom, can I have a bigger one? This one's too slow!
    #4: She's writing Stevie about copyright infringement...

  11. #1 "Do you think she saw us?"

    #2 "Quick! She's coming with the camera again -- HIDE!"

    #3 "Last one there is a rotten biker chick!"

    #4 "Wha'd'ya mean I'm too big to be a hood ornament?!"

  12. I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! It makes me smile when I don't always feel like smiling....here are my ideas:

    #1 - Hurry! Hide me under the covers before Mom finds out that I'm out of MY room and playing in YOUR room!

    #2 - OK! Thats it!!! You don't want to share your Tubanuts, then I am soooooo done with you!

    #3 - ready......set.....GO!!!!!!

    #4 - Sister, you have got to get this truck running before all the ice cream melts!!!!

  13. Maggie's comments were GREAT! LOL.

  14. I have to comment on picture #1:

    Honestly, Mom - I was only planning to twist her arm alittle.

  15. Hmmm...

    #2 - I'm helping her reach Orange Bucket

    #3 - Can we get these for our Birthday BobBob?

    #4 - Just Chillin' on the front of the Ice Cream truck


    --- no doubt about it.

  17. Anonymous2/24/2009

    Pic 2 Hurry hide some of this chocolate under here from MOM before she eats it all.....push it way back!

    Kim E

  18. Cute!!!

    #1. I wasn't about to jup on Ro!Really!!
    #2. Keep pushing, I almost got it!
    #3. Yook Ree, I winning!!
    #4. Ro: where are my tokens?? Ree: woah, where am I? I can't see with these glasses!!

  19. Love it!! I would have to say that I agree with Maggie!!!

  20. The last one looks like they are hotwiring an ice cream truck! I love how Ree seems to be on the lookout while Ro does the dirty work!

  21. #1 Hold really still...I hear appendectomies are really easy to perform.

    #2 Oh no, the surgery went horribly wrong...must...hide.. the body!

    #3 Move it or lose it sister!

    #4 Just a minute officer, I know my license and insurance card are in here somewhere. I knew I should've paid more attention in driver's ed. People are NOT worth 3 points.

  22. #1: Just act natural, she won't notice that I just tried to saw you in half.

  23. Anonymous2/25/2009

    #1 - "Ah, no...we're not rehearsing the story we're going to give you about..."

  24. #1 - oooo poop! She's got that camera again!

    #2 - quick hide!!

    #3 just plain cracks me up!

    #4 - This isn't the way to get in??

    Cute stuff M3!

  25. No captions, just laughter. Glad to see my kids aren't the only ones who sometimes go astray. All you can do as a mom during those moments are smile, especially at those moments that happen in public like the "on top of the toy car" picture and smile to your adoring fans who watch on.

  26. What do you think about these?

    #1-Help Mommy! Ree is going to do her magic trick on me again!

    #2-If one of us get underneath the bed I think it will make the bed more bouncy so you go underneath first Ro and I’ll jump!

    #3-We know what we want for our Birthdays!

    #4-Hey Mommy, if you ride on the hood you don’t need to pay!

  27. I saw these and thought of you...maybe you all already have them?


    GROOVY and the PIN 00004672 in the space provided for free shipping

  28. The first one says "busted" all over it. The fourth one says "Oh don't worry, I saw someone do this in a movie."

  29. Hi there! Just found your blog! I love it!!

    I'm a mommy of 2 gorgeous kids, both born in Korea.

    Nice to "meet" you! :) Looks like we actually have a number of bloggy friends in common.

  30. For the first two I love, "Mom, I swear we were 'sleeping' almost the whole time!"