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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't help but stare

The girls like to dress up, they like to sing, they like to dance. And they obviously do not subscribe to the less-is-more theory in any of these areas. We stare in fascination at their layered ensembles:

Creatively layered costumes are very popular

When they start dancing and wailing (uh, I mean singing), we just sit right down and stare. It's so dang entertaining:

 Dancing their hearts out

 TubaDad also draws stares when he's in a hurry and has to get the girls from here to there. I guess he does make a pretty funny sight:

 TubaDad's unique twin-carrying hold

Particularly when he utilizes the sack-of-potatoes technique: Another unique twin-carrying position

 And finally, there's just something appealing about this shot of Ree staring out the window watching the rain fall:

 Ree looking out the glass door (I like the hint of a reflection)

The complete set of pics is here, including more fun memories from Catherine's all-too-short visit (taken with my camera and hers), decorating cupcakes with the California cousins, and playing around with the new macro lens (the macro shots aren't great, but hey I'm learning):

(thumbnails, detail, slideshow)


  1. Love the sack of potatoes technique.....and I am sure all those stares are just because of all that cuteness times two!!

    The picture of Ree staring out the window is gorgeous....you can see the slightest reflection in the window...very cool!

    Hope you are all have a great week.....and BTW, I like the girls new "More is More" theory....they look like they are having so much fun all dressed up and dancing about!

  2. I love the Ree pic. You take such interesting and beautiful photos. And I'm not surprised you guys get some stares when you are out! How can anyone ignore that double shot of cuteness?!

  3. The husband utilizes the sack-of-potatoes technique as well... including the name. It's a great way to get from here to there. Glad y'all had some Catherine time.

  4. I am delurking... the girls are looking so gorgeous and certainly growing... there is NOTHING more cuter then watching little girls play dress ups...
    I drop by from time to time to see how you are going. Glad all is well...
    What kind of Macro Lens are you using? I want to buy one but am not quiet sure which one. I do have an XSi... just curious...

  5. Hi There! :) The girls are as cute as ever!!! I wanna pinch their cheeks!! :)

    I just got a Nikon D60 and I feel LOST! But Im in love! :) I cant wait till my pictures get better. A few are posted on my blog.

  6. LOL at the sack of potatoes technique!

  7. Love the girl's style, oh so fun! I know your belly laughs in watching the singing, dancing & styling as we see see the same thing here, it's just wonderful to see the things they do!

  8. LOOK AT THAT LETTER M!!!! She makes the teacher in me PROUD!

    And the pic of Ree...amazing!

    How about if I fly to CA and take some photog.lessons with you!

  9. Hi Fliss and Mike:
    I've got the Nikon AF-S micro 105mm 2.8 macro lens. It's a heavy sucker but you can do neat stuff with it.

  10. Ahhh...such sweet times but the pictures are deceivingly quiet! :o) there's nothing like waking up to the squeals and giggles of your happy little girls! They are totally amazing and it's so neat to see them together and how they love one another and complement one another. The way they get along is precious as they just love being together in everything they do and each supports what the other one chooses to play with, watch on the video in the van or....skip! Love you all SO MUCH!!!

    Miss you already!!

  11. Love all your adventures. I get my chuckles for the day. I was reading Catherines blog before yours this morning and was reading about your purse adventure and not thinking left a message for you about finding the right purse on her site. OOPS Check it out about the Vera Bradley purses I think you might like these. I know they sure fit my needs. Keep up the good work and your family is wonderful and I am sure keeps you on your toes.

  12. Darling photos! I love the twinkling eyes...and the sack of potatoes.

    I'm trying to learn that darn macro lens, too! When I actually get the picture in focus, they're awesome. Unfortunately, I can't seem to tell if they are in focus while I'm taking the picture. This becomes quite the annoying game of chance!

    Let me know if you have any tips.

  13. love the photos, always do! and nothing wrong at all with the sac-o-potatoes technique!!

  14. LOve all the photos. The sack of potatoes is a fav here....used that technique alot and it is very successful! TubaDad rocks!