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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is it just me or do they look a little smug?

Ro has been getting perkier by the second. Playing with her sister, asking for new and different videos, rifling through the still-unpacked airplane carryons for leftover snacks and surprises, and sucking down a nice, healthy, restorative lunch of bacon and blueberries. And Ree is definitely making the most of her bonus free day from school. I'm thinking that neither one is feeling under the weather any longer... DSC_9679 DSC_9686 DSC_9710 DSC_9700 DSC_9712 DSC_9721 PS: I'm using the Mac to post this (see TubaDad, I'm really trying) but am thisclose to throwing it across the room! Just one teensy little maddening example out of hundreds: how in the freaking world are you supposed to delete things that are to the RIGHT of your cursor?! I must be missing something here. On the PC, I press the backspace key to delete to the left and the delete key to delete to the right. I'm going to go Google this question right now.


  1. Wish I were in your neck of the woods. I'd come by and give you a tutorial on your new Mac. I switched over from PC to Mac about three years ago. I will never purchase a PC again. I am completely sold on my Mac, and it's SO reliable. I have a HP laptop at school. It's only 18 months old and it's got it's quirks already. I hope you'll learn to love your Mac.

    Glad to see that the girls are feeling better. We all need a day off from school now and then.


  2. The combo you are looking for is fn + delete.

    I'm a recent mac convert myself, delurking because that was one of my biggest mac pet peeves too!

  3. They do look smug, but in that oh so adorable way. :) It appears that they just needed a day to relax after all the excitement with their twin friends and sadness of their dad’s departure. BTW, loved the Funshine idea and pictures, glad it is working for the girls.

  4. Julianne2/05/2009

    The little "fn" button in the lower left hand corner of your keyboard, coupled with the "delete" button in the upper right hand corner should do the trick. Also, in case you didn't know yet, the control button and the mouse equals a right-click. I use Firefox on my Mac. The command button plus the letter T opens up a new tab, I find that endlessly useful. Good luck, I was apprehensive as well but once you get the hang of it you won't want to go back. :)

  5. Anonymous2/05/2009

    So...my wife forwarded your blog to me and asked me to post a tip.

    I recently made her switch to a Mac because, well...it's just better that way. To keep her from throwing it across the room, I had to find a solution for the "missing delete key". I found this:


    It allows you to remap what your keys do. I was able to change the "eject" key for the DVD drive to be a "forward delete" key.

    Hope this helps.


  6. this was one the first times i could see such a huge difference between the girls!

    and i'm learning all sorts of PC tricks from you on these posts! keep posting!

  7. Jamie - that's going to be a useful app if the Mac is still around when I get back from Japan. I was going to look around for something like that.

    Someone else mentioned VMware Fusion in another post. I installed that along with Windows XP before I left, but I haven't showed M3 how to use it yet. It's on the dock if you want to try it, M3. Just start it up and hit the play button on the windows desktop. Bingo, bammo, you have a Windows machine to fall back on. :-)

  8. Anonymous2/05/2009

    Keep with the Mac. In a SHORT time you will be hooked because it is so easy and you will never turn back. Keep an open mind for a few days. Macs are the only machines used in schools so the transition for Ro and Ree will be easy if they have been working on one at home.

  9. You will at some point learn to love your Mac and you can use the Windows side of it if you care to. I have Windows on mine and switch back and forth. There are two material things I love more than anything and they are my Mac Book Pro and my Nikon D300. What better combination could you have. If you are interested there is a Picasa version for Mac now that makes nice collages and frames. Just be patient.....like you the Windows side for me is a pain. Too many folders to deal with but I do go there to use FotoFusion because there is no Mac version.

  10. Anonymous2/05/2009

    cute pics :)

  11. What did you do to anger the Bloglines gods? This post didn't show up till 5:45 this morning!

    Anyway, your Mac question has been answered - but please feel free to just send them to me via email... you know I'll be happy to help.

    The images are great - which camera did you use?

  12. Adorable pics of your hooky playing, snack eating, giggling, cuddly girlies!!


  13. I had to leave a note about the Mac experience as I went through this also. My husband is Apple everything and Mr. Technology! Like TubaDad he had enough of fixing my laptop. A nice way to transition is to use VMWare (you can load XP on it) and the folks at the Apple store are really great to help with this. Though my husband does a lot whenever we have had to resort to them the customer service is beyond outstanding. Give it a try!! Trust me I so know the withdrawal you are going through :) I was so depressed when I got mine as I am a power excel user and Numbers did not bode well with me, but now I can easily use excel whenever I want! I am a convert and would never go back.

  14. great tips! I also use the apple key+click to open things in a new tab on the mac when I use firefox and that is super handy. if you have a new mac, which i think you do, there are nice things built into the touchpad like 2 finger scrolling, and two finger tapping that acts like a right click.

    you can also do fn+up or down arrow to page up and down in a web page. good luck!

  15. Bacon for lunch... yummy! Love that second pic - she looks pleased as punch.

  16. Just another tip....I would use Firefox for your blog. I was using Safari and it would delete my photos all the time. Firefox has not done that at all.

  17. Hi M3,

    Your girls are precious! If you need any help with your MAC, I am happy to help you! I have used MACs for years.

    I am glad Ro and Ree are feeling better!
    All the best,

  18. Great pictures!! I think you are a good mom for admitting that you are not perfect. Good moms are willing to learn from their mistakes. I think you only get to be a great mom after you have a lot of life experience and maybe a couple of kids that you've messed up. :o)