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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slight change of plans, we're playing hooky

Little Ro is having a tough morning, so instead of preschool the girls are having a sick day on the couch, watching videos, drinking peppermint tea, and snuggling with their favorite blankets and their little friends.


No one is puking, by the way, the girls just think the buckets are required equipment anytime they feel a little off -- sniffles, cough, fever, extra sleepy, you name it, they grab a bucket.

I don't think Ro is really sick (although time will tell), I think she's just tired and needed a nice, warm, reassuring stay-at-home day with mama. Hey, I can understand that, I feel the same way sometimes.

Ree is drinking her tea out of the "all yeh-yowe" sippy that her new hero K2 gave her on our trip to Oregon. Whoohoo! We had hordes of pink sippies in the house, but never had a yellow one before and, as you can imagine, the new sippy is now Ree's prized possession.

TubaDad gets home from his business trip tomorrow, thank goodness, because I'm going through the cookie dough at an alarming rate. We tried something new on this trip that's working really well. The girls picked out a stuffed animal (Funshine) to pack in his suitcase, and then TubaDad emailed pictures of himself and Funshine in various places along the trip. Ro and Ree squeal with delight when each new picture comes in and ask to look at the pictures over and over. It makes them smile, and me too (I just crack up picturing TubaDad asking a stoic businessman on the train to take his pic with a little yellow bear!).

Here's Funshine's trip to Japan so far:


  1. This is WAY cute!!!!

  2. A good blankie and a snack, perfect cure when not feeling well. Hope Funshine has a super trip:)

  3. That is so funny! I remember somebody took a doll named "Flat Stanley???" or something like that and took picture all over the place. Anyhow, that appeals to my weird sense of humor.

  4. I love that idea!!

    SO cute.

    ANd he got you chocolate....it looks like Japanese but be assured...those are some Canuck choco that is translated (Aero). Whatever the country...good stuff!

    Keep smilin!

  5. You know what my favorite pictures are? The ones of TD, dressed in a fancy business suit, all ready for that make-or-break business meeting, whilst holding Funshine.

    Yeah, TD... you're that guy.


    I miss you guys. Next time you come to Disneyland, we have to get together.


  6. Awwwww....that's just like that commercial! So cute. I had one of those days myself, laying on the couch, drinking peppermint tea and watching movies. Except I didn't have any stuffed animals.

    Well O.K., maybe just one :)

  7. Love the Funshine pics. I love days on the sofa...just wish Maisie would sit still long enough to have one!! Hope that no one is really sick and that life returns to normal before the cookie dough runs out.

  8. What a perfect way to spend a day! Snugglin with fave toys and mamma on da couch. May I voice my 'yippee' for the buckets being only for display purposes. :o)

    Looks like Funshine is having a great trip! Hope she doesn't eat all the candy in that last pic. I'm thinking mamma and da girls could help Funshine out with the consumption of it soon!

    Way to go Daddy!! You Rock!!

  9. I am laughing out loud just thinking about Rod in Japan asking people to take photos of him with a yellow Care Bear.

    Just too funny.

  10. Love the bear pics! Hope everyone is back to normal soon, too. :-)

  11. That is a wonderful idea! I love the little yellow bear looking out the window.

  12. How cute is Tuba Dad with funshine....I bet the girls loved seeing those pictures!!

    Enjoy your day on the couch.....sounds perfect....hope no one really needs those buckets!!


  13. I love that Tuba Dad!

    Hope the girls enjoyed their snuggly day :-)

  14. Funshine is living the life!! You guys are really good at this parenting thing!

    Hope the kiddos feel 100% very soon!

  15. Totally awesome that Funshine gets to travel. I too, need a break. In fact my daughter had one yesterday and stayed home with me!

  16. I love the Funshine idea. It's brilliant. I think I'll steal it the next time D2 heads off on a trip.

    Glad to see that the sipee is getting some good use. ;-)

  17. Anonymous2/05/2009

    Im a day late to comment here

    We are doing similar to funshine
    a Flat Daisy Girl Scout and we
    trade letters and pictures with
    anothr GS Troop !

    Always good to have peppermint tea on " sick day"

  18. Sorry Ro isn't feeling great...

    But the idea of sending pictures with the bear. OH MAN! WOW! That's just super cool!

    I may have to steal that :-)

    PS: how's the Mac-loving going?

  19. Wow, I'm impressed with TubaDad's Funshine pictures.

    I did a similar thing for a friend -- her son had to do a book report called "Where in the World is Brandy?". Brandy, a stuffed horse, got mailed all around the world to various friends and family, and we had to take a picture with Brandy at a landmark in our city.

    So perhaps you could start a new blog chapter: Where in the World is Funshine?!?

  20. Ok, that makes him Dad of the Year in my book. Way to love your girls!

  21. dude!!! japan??!! quite the trip-- my guy just goes to DC-- that's far enough for me! LOVE the funshine pics-- (love funshine- love the care bears!)what a great idea! the business attire with the yellow bear just melt your heart! way to go tuba dad!

  22. Anonymous2/05/2009

    Funshine must have had a lot of fun! I realize you don't want to give out too much personal info but could you tell us what Tubadad does in the question section? Not specifically. Something like computer programmer, professional musician, marketing, etc. What did you do before Ro and Ree came along? You seem to be a natural with toddlers and don't get frazzled easily. Thanks for continuing to share with us!!

  23. clearly tubadad is bit of a nut too!!!

  24. Yay! I'm glad he's coming home!!! I don't have to do it often, but I will be single parenting it in March, and DREADING it. :) I'm just so exhausted afterward! You, my friend, are the WOMAN!

  25. OK, that is the cutest thing ever. He definitely gets bonus Dad points for this. :-)

  26. TD is the sweetest man ever. I love it when the big guys are man enough to be sweet daddies. I can totally see my DD doing something like this.

    Your kids are adorable. I am a lurker but this brought me out of the depths.

    Absolutely adorable family.

  27. That is so sweet. Shayna has the same funshine bear, but it has not gone anywhere exciting. It reminds me of that commercial with the dad taking the monkey on a business trip, chokes me up everytime.

  28. That is the best idea EVER!!

    Funshine looks like he had a great trip and Tubadad is sooo diligent in his photo taking!!:)

    That really made me smile!:)