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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough eat cookie dough

We got home safe and sound, are missing the heck out of our friends in Oregon, and TubaDad is off on another international biz trip. He did a little grocery shopping before hopping back on a plane, and left this in the fridge for us: Silly TubaDad thought these would actually get baked (the dough is half gone already) Mmmm. Unfortunately, it's already half gone and not a single cookie has been made... Silly guy, did he actually think any of that dough would make it to the oven, especially during a week alone with the girls? In other news, TubaDad went shopping for his own bday present last week and came home with a MacBook Pro for me. Huh? Well apparently it's supposed to replace my aging HP laptop, and his gift is that he doesn't have to spend hours a week supporting my tempermental Windows PC any longer. The only problem is that I hate the thing. Oh man. I feel a little embarrassed to admit that out loud, like I should be whispering or something. I know, I know, Macs are cool and hip and better than sliced bread and all that and everyone just raves about them. But I just plain don't like this one -- I don't like the feel of it (ergonomically speaking), I miss my home/pg up/pg dn/end/back keys, and I reallyreallyreally dislike the way the Mac interface works in comparison to the PC interface. It actually drives me crazy (whispering again). We've got a few more days of free trial, and I'm going to try my hardest to make peace with the blasted thing, because I truly do understand his tech-support pain. But if I can't learn to love it just a little, it's going back, even though I know I'll never hear the end of it. TubaDad will probably make me wear a t-shirt that says "Can you believe I actually chose a Windows PC over a Mac?" or something equally humiliating. Anyone else need one of those t-shirts?


  1. I'll take one of those too! I think Macs are quite pretty but it's like a museum piece, there should be a sign that says, "Do Not Touch."

    I am a big fan of your blog. Came to it somehow by way of a family member's blog and somehow you keep on clicking and end up someplace quite nice.

    Your girls are hilarious and beautiful. Keep on blogging.

  2. I completely understand. However, I am typing this on a Mac. My switch has been slow but I have a Mac loving husband who shows me new stuff and for videos, photos, and a few other things it really does rock the house. But you need a Mac-lover to help you make the switch. And a good guide to help you find the shortcuts (try two finger scrolling, it will make Page Up and Down fade into the ether) that you're missing from the PC. If Macs had proper delete keys, they really could take over the world.

  3. MMM-
    If you EVER need pointers I can help ya out!!
    Stay tough! It really is just a bit better then the old PC!!
    Give it some more time.

    Try a little Photoshop!!

  4. No t-shirt for me, thanks. I L.O.V.E. my Mac (just got a new one, actually.) Of course I'm a Mac lover because I'm in education and back in the day...that's what we all used.

  5. It takes a wee bit of getting used to, but I am finding my new MAC is a ton of fun... great for the pictures and videos and stuff I want to be able to do more of easily with the baby on the way... someday...

    I got mine back in the fall and can now do things I wouldn't even try on my PC...

    But it is totally a personal thing... weighing the aggravation of hubby vs. your aggravation learning something just a bit different.
    p.s. I miss the backspace key too!


  6. When Greg brought home the Mac, he actually screwed the darned thing into our end table, next to the couch. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that this is his house too. It took me a year to warm up to these jazzy features, and now I'm not sure how I lived without it.

    To be honest, I can work on either. I love the Mac because it never breaks or does the wacky stuff my PC does!

    Good luck. You can't make the wrong choice, either way. People get so passionate about technology! Don't talk to me about Greg's girlfriend (my nickname for his iPhone).


    Indiana Lori

  7. Well...I don't need a shirt yet...but still debating making the switch. Everyone tells me go to Mac...but I am windows born and raised...and just not sure I can make the move.

    I hope your week flies by without Tuba Dad. Liberal doses of Tollhouse goodness...sure to help...

    Best wishes with your decisoin...keep us posted (well mostly me...keep ME posted...most anxious to hear how it works out!! :-))


  8. I recently switched to a Mac too, and at first I HATED it. I almost felt like crying from the frustration of everything being different. Pretty soon, though, I learned to love it! I bet you will too.

  9. I need the shirt! It's all about how it feels, and I can't do the Mac! ;)

  10. We're not mac fans either.

  11. Yes, I should be wearing one of those shirts too!!

    I was going to get one last summer and I could not do it.....it scared the heck out of me....I know they are all the rage, but I am a windows girl!!

    Hope you have a great week with the girls:)


  12. I've used Macs all my computing life, except when the corporate overlords forced me to work on a PC. I've looked at computing from both sides now and Macs are great, especially for creative.

    Maybe it's just the TYPE of Mac you have. Go look at other options and see if you like the feel of those better.

    Trust me - you'll love it. Give it time. You'll find it's very organic and elegant. Just like you. :-)

  13. Oh my gosh. There is nothing better than a Mac. Nothing.

    I promise you will never again get a wacky virus. It's made for photos and videos and all things graphic . . . all stuff you really like.

    It's elegant in a way that a PC just can't be. Give it a chance. :)

  14. #1-- why would you ever ruin good cookie dough by baking it?? OF COURSE you eat it straight from the tub!!! And as it has a few of the fod groups- it can be a full meal!

    #2--- i have a PC--and i never knew about the pageup/down,etc-- huh-- just found them and they are mighty cool! my hubby bought my PC laptop for me- but said he really likes the mac better ( he's a comp. guy)-- you'll never get another virus again- :)

  15. Ah... I have a bag of the Sugar Cookie mix in the cupboard (something I learn from you!!) and am so ready to close down this PC (not MAC here) and make me some... not sure if it will make it into the oven, but the dough does sound YUMMMMMMM!!!

    Soon the sweetest friend in the world will be gracing your arms! So fun!!! Have fun with Cafrin. Hey, I get to link up with her at the airport on her way to you!!!


  16. HoneyHoneyHoney...
    as one of your oldest friends (don't answer that), and as a dyed-in-the-wool Mac user married to an ex-PC user...
    I have 2 words for you:

    A peripheral keyboard (as I use daily) HAS all those pgup/pgdown/home keys, plus a num pad.

    Himself (aka Boyhood) was a PC user, and now claims "I'll never go back." Give it time, and perhaps if we can meet up in early March at a playground near you (we're visiting! yippee!), he can regale you with the joys of never seeing that DOS prompt again. Ever.

    Hang tough, sister.
    You've been through worse!
    Your twins are older than 2!

  17. Oh. FINALLY! Another PC girl! Yes, I'm whispering too, considering I come from a brilliant Mac-savvy family. I totally relate.

    Sorry, TubaDad! But I still think you're amazing and darling for leaving your girls cookie-dough. You're still a total winner in my book.

  18. They both have their advantages. I use a Mac at work (creative), but LOVE my PC at home. Macs are perfect for creative (graphic design), but there are still some comforts with my PC that I can not bring myself to give up (like the backspace/pg up & down/etc.) Give it a few days and see how you like it then.

  19. No help here. I married a Mac guy and haven't used a PC on a regular basis since.

  20. Mac goooood. PC evil. TubaDad - like me, trying to convert the unconvertable (Wifey).

  21. I feel your pain! my boyfriend wants to get us both Macs because he's so fed up with Vista, but I'm a PC girl to the core. I want a 5 button mouse, not a 1 button!

  22. Anonymous2/04/2009

    My computer genius husband says that you can "set up your mac to boot with either windows or mac os" How?..."using Boot Camp" on your mac os.
    You will have a mac that runs/looks exactly like your old pc--but faster.
    Go to www.apple.com/support/bootcamp
    It will let you run windows windows xp or vista. You can set windows or mac os as the default operating system.
    He says you will need a copy of windows to do this.
    Good luck.
    We love reading your blog.

  23. Get the girls and play with the photo booth and you'll be hooked!

  24. The little bits I've played with a Mac have been mega frustrating but I've heard so much good about them that I'd be tempted to give one a try. Can you take courses at a local Apple store? I know someone who would love to watch the girls for you when you go for torture....I mean a lesson!

    3 sleeps!!! WHEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous2/04/2009

    There is nothing like a Mac, nothing, nothing, nothing. Tthey are so easy, so effortless to use and so functional. And, no viruses. Yippee!

  26. Hehe - I love to read all the Mac loving comments...

    Don't give up. You'll get used to it. And you'll never go back. It is truly and really easier to use. And a hundred times easier for TubaDad to maintain.

    Of course I'm typing this comment on a Linux machine. Oops. But K2 next to me has a Mac and there are at least five more in the house...

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. My friend's husband bought her a mac for Christmas and she also hated it...took it back and got a Dell :)

  29. Oh don't give up on it! I hated mine too when my hubby gave it to me for my b-day. I was actually MAD at him about it! But now I couldn't live without it! Have you check out iPhoto yet? That alone is worth giving up a PC for!

    Good luck!

  30. Charles & Carolyn2/05/2009

    We're totally a mac family M3, keep at it, once you get it you will not want to go back. By the way, should you run into something you really need to Windows on, have Tubadad install something called Vmware Fusion, you can run Windows right inside the mac.

    Charles & Carolyn

  31. Anonymous2/05/2009

    We got a Mac because that's what my 10 year old uses at school and we wanted him to be able to have a seamless transition between his projects at school and at home. I did hate it at first but now I LOVE my Mac. I particularly love it for photos, it's so much nicer than a PC and I'm sure photography has to be a big part of your computer use.


  32. I got my first Mac in Dec 1984 and of course I was super impressed then and thought it the cat's meow but I will say, it was my first and last Mac. I love my PC and don't think I could make the switch to Mac again. Good luck!

  33. Serious? Give the mac a little time, You will soon LOVE IT!

  34. I do not like Mac's either, so I will gladly take one of those shirts.

    They are pretty looking, but way to complicated. I like the easiness of my wonderful Windows PC!

    BTW: Pass the cookie dough!

  35. Although I think Macs are cool, I have software that won't work on it, so no Mac for me...besides--can you play Minesweeper with a Mac mouse?

    My husband keeps trying to get me to switch to Linux on the PC (that's what he uses), and I am resisting that for the same reason.

    About the cookie dough--even though I typically make things from scratch, we LOVE tubs of scoop 'n' bake cookie dough. It's so easy for 4-year-olds. Because it's pasteurized, I'll let her eat it raw, so, just like you, much of it goes unbaked. :)

  36. Anonymous2/05/2009

    Yup I need one of those shirts too. Can't stand the MAC's. Hubby is a computer graphic designer and he still uses a PC.

  37. Received a MacPro for Christmas and I'm typing on my P.C. &*@%!

    I haven't given myself enough time on my pro to learn all that I need to learn. I think it's a patience thing. BUT, I know it's me and not the machine.

    Don't order me a shirt yet. Even though it took me less time to learn apeture, shutter speed, ISO, and metering than it's going to take me to learn to use this computer, I'm determined!


  38. Oh give your MAC sometime and you will love it.

    Come on over to the dark side!

  39. I've been a PC girl for 30 years, but last summer I bought a mac after reading all the rave reviews. It has taken me a while to make the transition, but I do really like it now (although i would love a DELETE key)

    I never got to grips with iPhoto but Picasa have just launched a mac version and that has made my transition complete.

    Just this week I have spent hours removing a virus/spyware from the kids pc, it is so nice not even having to give that a second thought.

    Give it time though, you have a lot of ingrained PC habits and you will need more than a few weeks to relearn keystrokes etc.

  40. They are pretty looking, but way to complicated. I like the easiness of my wonderful Windows PC!

    That is such a funny comment! It shows just how used to PCs we all are. With PC's you have to deal with drivers, and registries and loads of fiddly settings, trying to get the things set up and working is a nightmare (and it's what I do all day at work)

    When I want to install something on the mac, I just copy it into my Applications folder and it works.

  41. Get me the matching humiliating T-shirt cuz I a with you!! Thankfully, Marc and I are on the same page on this one but that pesky Justin is a Mac Devotee and you know how they are....sheesh!

  42. NO!!

    i luv luv luv my Mac! in fact it is the ONLY thing i purchased on credit, just to get it when i wanted it.

    everything else i saved up for and paid cash.

    no joke!

    keep trying. old habits are hard to break, but it is worth it.

  43. I love love love my Mac. I would sleep with it, but that would be just plain silly (and insulting to my husband). ha I do not miss ONE IOTA of the tempermental and cranky PC I have before. The MacBrook Pro has changed my life (but so did the Ped-Egg, so maybe I have a low thrill level).

  44. it takes a while til you get used to slightly different shortcuts etc., but I can't possibly tell you how much better your life will be once you are used to it.

  45. Mac is just as good as/if not better than homemade cookie dough!!

    Give it time, but I bet you will really start to love it! If I couldn't have a mac, I wouldn't have a computer at all. I'm in love with mine!

    You 'll never have another virus, you can run 10+ apps at once (incl photoshop, iphoto, firefox with 30 tabs open, Safari with multiple tabs, AIM, itunes, smartmusic, etc)!! PLUS it won't crash! And you rarely need to restart (i do about once a month...or every other).

    PLus, they are so aesthetically pleasing :-)

    I hope you and the mac are getting along better soon!

  46. I am so glad to know I'm not the only person who eats straight from that tub of cookie dough without actually baking any cookies...whew!

    My husband has been dying to get a MacBook Pro for ages, he talks about it every day. Maybe I can convince him it's not all it's cracked up to be. Love your blog!

  47. I was a Mac devotee from 9th grade until I graduated from law school and then I switched to PC. I've never looked back.

  48. Anonymous2/07/2009

    Mary Mia , You are a fantastic mom
    we all have our days . We all
    need a time out and a day off
    occaissionally. Your girls will
    never remember the screams except
    of laughter. They are beautiful
    and so are you. not many moms would
    ever let anyone know out loud or
    on a blog how they feel . Kids are a lot more work than I ever thought they were. So You Go Girl

  49. Say it isn't so!!! Oh how I dream of and covet a Mac laptop. Sigh. you'll get used to it and then you'll kick yourself for ordering one of THOSE tshirts.