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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

It's fashion challenge friday — time for a couple more outfits the three-year-olds picked out themselves. The first outfits this week were pretty tame (well at least they were in the beginning). Ro went for her new fave yellow/pink combo, and Ree went for pink, orange, and white, even adding a cute little pair of orange Hawaiian shorts under the skirt. Outfit #11 (the way I first saw them) Not too bad, right? Then they wanted to go to the park, which always means lots of climbing and running, so I told them they needed close-toed shoes and sent them upstairs to grab socks. That's all, just socks. Well for some reason they must have thought this was the perfect chance to jazz up those outfits, because they came back downstairs looking like THIS: Outfit #11 (after I asked them to go upstairs for socks) Oh my. Ro had added some pink polkadot legwarmers to her arms, tucked her shirt in, and selected mauve socks. Ree, our little wild spirit, was using her skirt as a hat, had added sock monkey legwarmers to her arms and bold striped legwarmers to bridge the gap between her shorts and her socks, found a hot pink rhinestone belt, and finished off the look with light pink socks and her yellow polkadot shoes. Wow. Do I get bonus points for taking them out of the house looking this way? Outfit #11 (out and about) The second outfits of the week were just as colorful. And they went to preschool looking like this. Ro (on the left) went for a pink and orange theme, complete with pink headband, polka-dot legwarmers, and her favorite pink frog Polliwalks shoes. Ree went for a blue, orange, and yellow theme, with lots of colorful dragonfly barrettes, starry legwarmers, and Polliwalks yellow duck shoes. Here they are chatting about who knows what: Outfit #12: Sisters chatting it up Now it's your turn: Share the grins and show us an outfit that your kiddo put together this week! Important: give us the permalink* for your fashion challenge post, not a link to your homepage, so people don't have to scroll around looking for the right post. Fashion Challenge Friday is now a regular feature, so grab your camera and turn those kids loose in the closet at least once a week.
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  1. Anonymous4/16/2009

    Wonderful cheerful colorful and snappy outfits. Them girls got style, mama! Love, love, love the freedom you give them to assert their personalities.

  2. I love the "piratey" vibe of Ree's outfit with the 'hat' and striped shirt. Ha!

  3. You get a medal -- or a least a couple of chocolates -- for so willingly giving up control to your duo.

    I yielded the "picking of the shoes" a long time ago but I still give them a few things to pick from when they get dressed. Left to their own devices I am positive they would choose a princess dress with a doctor's coat over it ever single day.

  4. Your girls have the most vivid imaginations - and full of beans to boot. What fun it must be to live in your house!

    Check out my last pic - I included it in honor of you. lol

  5. I am so impressed with your "ability to let go!" I love how you went to the park with the shirt on the head. They must be having so much fun with this.

  6. the head gear is particularly unique... definitely points to you for letting them out of the house in the outfits of choice :)

  7. My heart be still. They are HYSTERICAL!

    You, my friend, have nerves of steel!

    LOVE IT!

  8. Thanks - I needed a good belly laugh. You are one brave mama!

  9. I'm totally impressed that you allowed Ree out of the house with her skirt hat. (And I totally wouldn't have believed you without the playground photo.) Your girls crack me up!

  10. Love those girls !!!!! They are just bursting with personality !! The leg-arm warmers and skirt-hat are FAB !!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy the aquarium....we used to live in Morgan Hill (near Gilroy) and would go there all the time.....miss it terribly !!!!!

  11. I love that you let them pick and choose. I have to admit... I was suprised to see them in the park in the dynamic outfits. GO MOM.

    I need to get my girls more interested in getting themselves dressed. Usually we are scrambling in the morning, I just grab and we go.

    I love the shirt on the head, my girls do the T shirt on the head often.. i think their ears get in the way.

    Hope the acquarium is fun

  12. Love the outfit with the shorts and the socks pulled all the way up to the kness.

    Apparently I posted the link to our fashion challenge incorrectly.

    For the shoe princess it should be:

  13. Thanks for making me laugh:)
    The park pictures are just priceless and someday they are going to be so embarressed when you pull these out!!
    You are a GREAT mom!
    Personally I think you should let them pick your clothes one day:)

  14. I'm with Diana! Let them pick YOUR clothes one day! And triple bonus points if you leave the house wearing them! :-)

    The creative juices that flow from your girls is incredible. Isaac Mizrahi has purse hats in his runway show - why not skirt hats?

  15. Anonymous4/17/2009

    Love all those bright colors and the blue starry legwarmers are very cool.

  16. Anonymous4/17/2009

    Love the outfits.

    Love the polly shoes...I checked out their web site...but the kicker...I saw them at Marshalls for only $9.99 many colors and styles...quite the deal!

  17. This is so muchfun! My little 6year old is such a tomboy. I wish she would humor me and wear somthing girly for a change! Your girls are too cute and I look forward to your blog every day.

  18. Oh yes you definitly get bonus points for taking them out - I'm not sure I could have let the head gear go with us :) These two just crack me up - I outright laughed at what they came back down in! Your an awesome mom!!

  19. They're so flexible! And colorful! And, of course, cute as ever!

    I also see that you found one of our favorite parks.

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  20. I messed up on entering the URL this time and sent my whole blog, MyLittleFortuneCookie. I tried to copy and paste from my browser window after clicking on my title, but it wouldn't take it for some reason. Then, I got confused and thought maybe I'd be redirected to another step after putting in my blogaddress. I'm still learning!

  21. Hi Kathy! No problem at all, I've finally figured out how to edit the links (I didn't know I could do it before), so I fixed your link.

    Thanks for participating everyone! It's so fun to see all the cute outfits.

  22. I have many of the same baby legs that you do, good to see they wok as well on 3 year old as they do on 13 monyh olds!

  23. M3,
    You have future fashion designers right there!

    "Surround yourself with excellent people . . . like a twin sister."
    (I didn't write this, its from a book company owned by twin sisters). My sister in law gave our daughter a book from them.

    love the blue starry leg warmers also! The blue & orange is very david hockney, very cool!

  24. Your kids have great taste and I love that you throw caution to the wind and take them out wearing what they want! They're adorable!!!

  25. Gorgeous pictures - fantastic subjects! I have two four year olds (birthdays are two days apart, not twins) Please tell us which camera you have.


  26. Love the Salsa style!

  27. Surely Ro and Ree's selections prove that girls are born with the color/pattern fashion gene. Wow! Ree's choices make me wonder if she isn't the next Picasso. She has to be artistically talented to think of such innovative combinations, especially at age three! While Ro is more conventional, she amazingly always matches everything up and shows extraordinary imagination. What a wonderful idea it is to let them express themselves! Wouldn't school be fun if there was a Pick- Your-Own-Outfit Day once a week? You rock, M3.

  28. I am so sorry, but I was laughing hysterically. Wow, what a statement. I bet a lot of people at the park were thinking you were a good mom for letting your girls show their individuality.

  29. You definately get bonus points for taking them out in their choice of outfit! They look fabulous.

  30. Ro & Ree truly have their own style and look fun & funky in their outfits. Kudos to you too for going with the flow and taking them out in whatever they choose.

    I'm coming in late this week with Maisie's choice, just haven't been online much lately.

  31. Straight out of "Fancy Nancy." The girls are as cute as ever. Looks like you're having fun. Sure wish we lived closer.

    Kat, Colin, Sophia and Keenan

  32. seriously they can pull off outfits like america's next top MODELS... toddler version. gold stars all around.

  33. Now those girls have STYLE!

  34. Anonymous3/19/2012

    I think I'm addicted to your bolg :) It is wonderful and quite entertaining. Thanks for sharing!