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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Musing about American Idol tonight

First, before the show even starts, I just have to get that whole "judges save" debacle from last week off my chest. The way I see it, the judges knew they only had two weeks to use that save (last week and this week) and they figured if they didn't use it last week they would HAVE to use it this week and there wouldn't be an ounce of suspense in it because everyone would know in advance they were going to use it. Cheesy, if you ask me. Alrighty, on with the show! Oh wait, one more thing, TubaDad isn't here watching with me because he's out buying milk. Normally that wouldn't even merit a mention, except that he's buying NORMAL milk. That's right, our little girls have finally outgrown their hideous digestive issues and can now drink plain old milk, straight from a regular cow, with lactose and everything. Those of you who know what we've gone through with the insane toddler diarrhea, the endless rounds of GI testing, the goat's milk that was more expensive than liquid gold, and then the lactose-free milk that we could only get in certain stores, will understand why we are cheering like mad over here. Whoooohoooooo! Ok, now on with the show, for real this time. Lil: She seemed really old tonight. Did anyone else think that? Didn't really love anything about the song and haven't really loved anything she sang for 3 or 4 weeks now, and I was a huge Lil fan in the beginning. I think she's going home tomorrow... Kris: The guy really is quite personable and I like to watch him. He does choose interesting, uh, stage configurations. Not sure that's the right word — I'm talking about how he sang that one song a couple of weeks ago with all the girls crowded around him on stage and then this time he was front and center but the musicians were really prominent and right next to him. He doesn't blow my socks off (like Chris did last year), but I don't think he's going home tomorrow. Danny: Started off kind of singsongy or something, but around that "pop, pop, pop" part he kind of picked up energy and looked like he was having a fun time. He really is a nice guy, isn't he? That comes through when he sings. I don't think he'll make it to the finals, but I hope good things happen for him after this show. Oh hey, I just realized that all four judges are talking after each contestant again. Good! It pissed me off last week when they only had two judges talk each time. I wonder if other folks hated it too and they got negative feedback about it? Allison: Wow, that's really a hot outfit she's got on. Have the stylists toned down the Raggedy Ann red hair color a little bit or does it just look different with the curls? Hm, the song seems a little forced or something. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but she's not knocking me over. Dang, I want her to smoke it every week. I don't care, though, her voice is incredible and I'm still voting for her. I want the final to be an Allison-Adam showdown! Adam: Oh goodie, Adam's on! I can't wait to see what he does every week. Oh wow. Seriously wow. Good heavens that boy can sing. Give him a record deal right this second and send him out on tour, I guarantee he will sell out. Hey you know what would be really fun? Have an American Idol favorites singoff — put Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, and Adam Lambert in a playoff and see who wins. Oh man I would pay some serious money to see that!!! Matt: Didn't like him last week and still don't like him. Sorry to all the Matt fans out there. He's just not my cuppa tea. He can sing, but I think the American Idol winner needs to have something more that just makes me people stop in their tracks. I think he's going home this week along with Lil. Anoop: Whoa — what's with the mustache?! Eww. Like the suit and pink sweater though, it's a fun look. Ok, to be fair, I think Matt sang better than Anoop. Sigh... But he has a really nice voice. I'm rooting for him because I just plain like him. Ok, here's my ranking, I struggled a little with numbers 5 and 6. I think Lil and Matt are going home tomorrow (although it wouldn't surprise me if it was Lil and Anoop): 1. Adam 2. Allison 3. Kris 4. Danny 5. Anoop 6. Matt 7. Lil How do you guys think they should be ranked?


  1. Woooo Hooooo!!!! That is so awesome the girls can drink cows milk now!!! That is so awesome that their digestive problems are gone!!! I am doing a happy dance with you guys!

  2. M3, wow! I agree 100% with everything you said about everyone.
    I know there are a lot of Danny lovers out there, but he has just never done anything for me, so I wouldn't mind if he goes home, although I know he won't (yet).

  3. Adam gives me the heebie-jeebies. Sorry. The boy can sing and, for what it is, he's good at what he does. But I can't stand it. I have to put it on mute or change the channel when he's on. He bothers me that badly.

  4. Well I also love Allison and Adam. Adam is a brave and awesome performer who holds nothing back. Allison has the best voice this competition has seen in awhile.

    Kris is a wonderful singer, and I heard he was forced to sing in the middle of those girls a few weeks back so I don't hold that against him. In any other season he'd stand out but this year he's buried under Adam.

    Danny Gokey is so unbelievably cheesy I just can't stand him at all. Making a heart with his fingers? Ick! The glasses?? Double ick. I'm sure he's a nice guy or whatever but I think he thought he had it in the bag with his backstory and all the pimping he got early on. Last night he did no better than Lil but the judges fawned all over him (except Simon, thank you!).

    Anoop and Matt are out of their leauge at this point.

    I'd rank them:


  5. Lil and Matt tonight - he was saved last week to only go home this week and I agree that Lil just hasn't done herself justice throughout this whole thing! Guess we'll see to night!

    Adam really doesn't do it for me - all of his music sounds the same to me.

  6. I am not an Allison fan. To me I all can hear is "roar" when she sings. Not what I like to hear. But she is #4 on my list. That says alot what I think of the ones below her. ha

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam. He can sing!! wow. He is a bit odd - but I like him.

    I do like Danny - I used to LOVE him. But he hasn't been wow-ing me lately. But he does seem like a super nice guy.

    I think the final two will be Adam & Kris.

    Here is my listing:

    1. Adam
    2. Kris
    3. Danny
    4. Allison
    5. Anoop
    6. Lil
    7. Matt

  7. Congrats on the normal milk! That is a huge deal! Sorry, I didn't watch AI, but thanks for giving me an update. I would rather read it from you than someone else. You are fun to read.

  8. Anonymous4/22/2009

    You ranked them just right but I really like Kris...he is kind of a cross between Jason Mraz and John Mayer...kind of...and oh...I am 40 too and can't miss AI.

  9. I'm so glad that the girls' digestive issues are over. Poor little things. Sorry, I don't watch Idol (don't shoot, don't shoot).

  10. Sorry! Can't agree with you. Danny is my guy. Adam is okay. Allison. NO WAY. Her songs all sound the same. I don't hear any melody with her. And her hair. UGH! Matt, Anoop, Chris and Lil-wouldn't pay to see any of them. They all bore me.

  11. Anonymous4/22/2009

    That's pretty much the order I'd put them in as well. I love Adam, he strikes me much more as an artist/ entertainer than just a singer. I also love how he can look very edgy and modern or like a 50s teen idol, depending on the hair and clothes, not to mention the nail polish!lol


  12. I'm totally with you about the judge's "save"...that whole set up was ridiculous.

    I'm happy to hear that the girls' problems with milk has subsided!

    I can't believe I missed the show last night. ARGH!

    A couple years ago they had a 'sing off' with all some world Idols and Kelly came in second. She had a snit about it...

  13. Anonymous4/22/2009

    Please be on the lookout for recurrence of the digestive problems. It's very likely that Ro and Ree will eventually become permanently lactose intolerant, as lactose tolerance, while common in caucasian genes, is rare in asian genes. If they do come back, soy milk can be a reasonable substitute if they get their calcium from other sources, and is getting fairly easy to find these days.

  14. Sooooooooooo wonderful for the gals (and mama & daddy!) to be over that whole mess and be able to drink moo juice. Very awesome.

    Not a big AI fan, I must be the only one lol, but love your recaps. I feel like I am not missing a thing not watching as I can 'watch' through your posts!

    Awhile back you asked for more questions for your random question area. I have one! (Yes, I'm a bit slow, haha.)

    Back about a year ago or so you said in a post that you tried to do 'something' each day with your girls. Something crafty or an outing or something cooking, etc. Could you give us an idea of what those activities were? I find I keep doing the same things over and over with our little gal and I'd love to add some Twinado Fun to our life!

    Cheers, Kiy

  15. I am not a Allison fan..I am just not "lovin" her for some reason. Adom is a OMG!!! He is the BIG WINNER this year whether he wins the show or not and I will be in line for his CD:)

  16. Anonymous4/22/2009

    You got it right. I agree with your whole assesment.

  17. For me, this year, it's a runaway. No contest. It's all about Adam and Allison, but mostly Adam. He's running away with it. And that whole thing about the bogus save last week? You are absolutely right. They just burned it up because of the lack of suspense it would have created this week. Should have burned it up right away, by giving someone a real chance,and used it on Alexis Grace. They didn't play that right at all.

    Congratulations on the milk. That's HUGE.

  18. LOL! I don't watch AI *gasp!* (can we still be friends??) but it sure was fun to read your rundown and BooMama.net's at the same time. Some things you agreed on and others were quite different. It's fun to hear how 2 people react to the same thing.

    I hope your Adam stays in for the long haul!

  19. I think Adam would have been a HUGE hit when I was teen (in the 80's), but I don't think I'd ever buy one of his CD's. He strikes me as more of a Vegas act than someone you'd listen to on the radio. It'll be interesting to see how it ends, though, won't it?

  20. I agree with most of your thoughts. I think my list would go:

    1. Adam
    2. Kris
    3. Allison
    4. Danny / Anoop
    5. Anoop / Danny
    6. Matt
    7. Lil

    4 and 5? It's so hard for me because I prefer Anoop over Danny but it seems that Danny has been doing a better job? I don't know. It's really just a top 3 for me at this point.

  21. i stopped watching. that adam guy drives me nuts with his ego and drama on stage. i like a guy with an ounce of humility. allison and danny were always my faves. but i've never been much of an idol fan anyway. guess we each have our own taste, eh?

  22. M3 - I'm so with you on all counts except my top 3 are Adam,Alison and Danny (I'm kind of Danny fan).

    But Adam is....not sure we have a word for him actually. Maybe he's from Saturn or somewhere! He's just crazy good!!

  23. I'd have Kris as 2, Danny as 3, and Allison as 4. Allison's been doing great, but I really liked her performance last week better than this one.
    Other than that, the rankings are the same.

    The judges noticed that all 7 are good, unlike some previous seasons. Yes, all 7 really can sing. What I don't understand is this: When hundreds of thousands of people audition every season, should the top 7 ALWAYS be awesome singers? I've been rather puzzled in previous seasons when people in the top 10 aren't near-perfect simply because the competition is so steep.

  24. Yap that would be my ranking also.

    Yippee to regular good old cow milk!!!

  25. I think it will be Adam and Kris in the finals. As talented as Allison is there is something hard to like about her.

    I really liked Danny at first, but he is starting to bore me.

  26. is it me, or is Matt is sounding more and more like Justin Timberlake every week?