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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol, the rock genre

Had a skull-crushing migraine all day today, but TubaDad is in New York on a business trip so I just had to suck it up. After I-don't-even-want-to-admit-how-many meds, it finally loosened up around 5pm. Good thing too, because it's American Idol night and I need to be able to watch tv. Heh. Around this time in every AI season, by the way, I start to get a little sad that the show is almost over. And tonight was no exception. Alrighty, on with the show! Slash as the mentor -- interesting choice. I have to say I'm an old-time fan of Guns 'N Roses, although Slash never did anything for me. Adam singing Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love: His eyes look a little demonic with that makeup. Ok, he sounds good, but I was kind of hoping he'd sing a mellow old rock song and just kick the crap out of it. It's too obvious of a choice that he sang a screamer song, if you ask me. But he did nail it. The boy has pipes. Wow, Kara sure loves him, doesn't she? Is she single or something? Hmmmm. Allison singing Janis Joplin's Cry Baby: Seems like she's holding back somehow, I wonder if her voice is hurting her a little bit or something. Horrible lipstick, by the way. Ok, the song: well, it just didn't grab me. I think my love for Allison is gone, gone, gone. Kris and Danny in a duet singing Styx's Renegade: I've always loved this song! I give this one to Kris, he sounded way more natural than Danny. Are we supposed to pick one over the other? Oh well, I am. Both guys were good. I didn't like Kris' little yodel at the end. Kris singing the Beatles' Come Together: I don't see him as a "rocker dude," in any way, shape, or form. Do you? Not a good fit tonight. Bleck. I've liked him in all the other genres, maybe he could have picked a rock ballad or something and sounded great? Oh well. Danny singing Aerosmith's Dream On: Oh my, I'm not sure he's up to an Aerosmith song... let's see. Oh, good start, a pretty soft touch for an Aerosmith song, which I actually kinda like. Hey I think he's doing a good job. Very pleasantly surprised! Oooo, wince, the scream part—didn't like that at all, not at all. That didn't do my migraine any favors. The rest of it was nice and kind of gravelly and good. Hm, the judges didn't like it at all, not sure I agree with them. Aside: It looks like Kara is wearing tiny condoms for earrings! Did anyone else see those things? Allison and Adam in a duet singing Fog Hat's Slow Ride: Allison still seems like she's only singing at 3/4 power. She looks cute though. Adam sounded good and looked like he was really enjoying himself. And I was just thinking thank goodness they paired Allison and Adam and didn't try to make Danny or Kris sing with one of them, or it would have been a train wreck. These two are really going to have fun on the AI tour, aren't they? Um, ok, I know my mother reads this blog and all, but I just have to point out that Adam really has absolutely no butt. It might have been a bad costume choice or something, but I hit rewind and checked and nope, nothing there. Ok, my rankings for the evening are... (I went back and forth and all over the place with these, really any of the top 3 could have been switched, I am just that wishywashy about them all at this point. I actually wrote it the first time with Danny in the #1 spot but then changed it completely. Argh, just going to hit publish and leave it at that, I don't think I'm even going to vote tonight. Can I vote for Chris Daughtry again? *grin*): 1. Adam 2. Allison 3. Danny 4. Kris What did you think?


  1. Great assessment - even with a migraine!!!! Laughed through the whole post with exception at the skull-crushing migraine!!! I am incomplete agreement!!! Great review by M3!!! Even Jillian was captivated!!!

  2. I am off to watch idol now.

    Slash? is he sober enough to mentor? lol

  3. We are huge Gokey fans here and, unfortunately, the screaming part? Yeah. We all decided that it sounded like a tea kettle.

  4. Danny's screaming was just horrible to listen to. I still like him, but wow. Adam has a good voice, but I would love to hear him sing something where he doesn't screech and stick that blasted tongue out. Gosh, he makes my ears bleed.

    I'm of the firm opinion that Randy and Kara are wasted space now. I think they know what they're going to say before they hear the person sing.

    My pics:

    1) Kris (I know the judges hated it, but I thought it was really good.)
    2) Adam (Horrendous screeching and all.)
    3) Allison
    4) Danny (If he had picked a different song and didn't scream, he undoubtedly would have been higher.)

    You know what I wish? Themes are fine, but when it's nearing the end of the competition, I wish they would just let the singers pick whatever song/genre suits them. I would like to hear them REALLY sing.

  5. Heidi T5/06/2009

    I agree with most of your input, but no matter how single Kara is, I am going to bet that he is more interested in Simon than her.

  6. by the time I finally got Malka to sleep, it was over. :(

  7. Adam, Adam, Adam and Adam. Sorry, was there someone else singing last night?

    I am looking forward to him really belting out a huge ballad though, one of these days.

    I agree with you M3 - Alison seemed less there this week - she may be tired. I love Danny normally but that scream - woof. And Chris - Chris who? Sorry, Chris fans.

    So....Adam (and Simon, not Kara)? Really?......I was hoping not! (Not that there's anything wrong with..... a-hem.)

  8. Slash. He cracks me up. Would you believe back in the day - waaaay before Miss Piper came along - we went as Slash & Axl to a Halloween party? I was Slash. NO one recognized me. Heh...good times.

  9. Kristina5/06/2009

    Okay I didn't watch but knew you would write about it so I just came by to see what you said!! Thanks for the update and now I am off to look for the condom earrings pics!!!hahaha

  10. Heidi T5/06/2009

    There are many many pics out there in Google-land that dispel any chance of Kara getting with Adam. Which totally kills the fantasy, because a guy that dresses like that, has gorgeous eyes and could sing more show tunes than me would totally be my type.

  11. Ok...maybe it's because I have been in the hair biz for over 30 years...but you do know that Adam is a "happy kind of guy" don't you?

  12. Fun to read you assessment. You sound like you can be the one to replace Paula...

    Kara and Adam? Not going to happen I am afraid... even with those "interesting" earrings. I think Adam bats for the same team. Hey, I'm just saying.

    Sorry about that MUCHO Migraine... Blech!

  13. I usually love Danny, but that last note....Made my ears bleed.
    Kris will be gone tonight and then Danny next week. Adam's the man!

  14. Big GnR fan here so I enjoyed seeing Slash and am glad that he's actually done something with his life other than Celeb Rehab or what ever Axel is doing these days, nothing right?? I do believe he seemed pretty sober which was nice to see.

    ANYWAY....Allison seemed exhausted, almost like she was just barely there and was just trying to make it to the end so she could collapse.

    Danny just about put me in the padded room...tooooooo much. Normally I love the guy, not last night. He did rock it though in the duet.

    Kris - eh..I don't know, not bad. It's pretty hard to do a Beatles song good, only the Beatles can sing Beatles.

    Adam well let me just say he may be a bit Broadway for me but after his Mad World, I'm a huge fan. That night he made me cry like a baby. I know weird. Last night was great again, but Whole Lotta Love is one of my all time favs and he did a good job on it.

    Loved Adam and Allison, can't wait to buy their duet album! Just saying.

  15. Adam's clothes were too much for me. Outfit 1 reminded me of Madonna-meets-Elvis. Outfit 2- Mr. T goes mall rat circa 1985. I loved his duet with Allison, though.

  16. I didn't know you were also an Idol fan. I went to the show in person three times this season (only got in twice, once at a rehersal and once at a live show). It was awesome! Now I have tickets to "America's Got Talent", but I don't really love that show like Idol.

    I gotta root for Adam. Everyone else is just competing for second place. This was Danny's worst week by FAR, but I still love him.

    Now, back to work!

    Lori W