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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another bento, and some thrift store finds

While the power was out on Tuesday, I went through old pictures that were saved on my laptop and found this bento that I never posted. Not sure why, it must have been a busy week (as compared to all the other weeks that are so uneventful and slow, haha). Salami chunks & bacon-wrapped green beens This one was a dinner for the girls, and had dry salami chunks on panda food picks, bacon-wrapped green beens (I just steamed a few green beans then wrapped them in microwaved bacon), black olives, bird nests made from coiled whole wheat buttered noodles, and cutie oranges for dessert. The girls were kind of lukewarm on the whole wheat pasta stuff, by the way, and actually so was I. The next time I'll use Barilla Plus pasta instead, which we all love (it has extra protein, which is nice if your kids don't eat enough meat). You can see all of our bento pictures and read about where we get the equipment by clicking "Bentos" up at the top of our site. I can't think of a good transition from bentos to thrift store shopping, so just picture that screeching sound when you run the needle over a record and I'll jump right in. A few folks heard me say that Ree's purple sequin vest on fashion friday was from a thrift store and asked about our other thrift store finds. I'm always happy to talk about a good bargain, so here's a pic of the most recent goodies for the girls that I've found at local thrift stores. The items averaged $1.50 each, and I really like the purple tie-died t-shirt (Ree can't wait till it's out of the laundry and she can wear it), the red-white-and-blue halter dress (which I'm thinking will look cute for the 4th of July), the red and orange butterfly overall dress from Pumpkin Patch, all the Gymboree shorts, and all the fun sparkly or velvety princess dress-up stuff in the bottom row. The pink sequined dress is going to be used as a photo backdrop for a bento, then my mom will convert it into a long vest for the girls' dress-up box. Thrift store finds Fun stuff! I usually browse around for a few minutes after I drop off bags of stuff for donation. So far I've managed to drop off FAR more than I bring home, which I'm sure TubaDad appreciates. Heh.


  1. I am looking into the bento stuff for school lunch next year. Where do you find all your bento accessories? one website or more? I have only really found one site so far. Help, kindergarten is around the corner.

  2. Hi RamblingMother, our bento supplies are purchased locally at a Japanese dollar store called Daiso and online at www.ichibankanusa.com.

    Happy bento making!

  3. I am also looking into the Bento stuff for Adia, thanks to you for all the photos and info. Thrift Shop finds are always fun:)

  4. Thanks so much for all the Bento info!

    I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices at www.ichibankanusa.com. We can outfit everyone (all three) for lunches for next fall with cool stuff that's as reasonable as some of the tacky lunch supplies I've found at WM. Woo Hoo!

  5. Oh im all about the thrifty finds!!!!!!

  6. our bento meals have totally inspired me in the meal dept for my boys! I LOVE seeing what you put together :D
    And thrifting is one of my very favorite things to do. I used to go a lot for myself but finding cute/fun kids stuff is just too easy and I always seem to walk out with lots of stuff for my kiddos! Wait...i think that's the scenario at every store i go to lol!

  7. Awesome finds. Wow, I'm impressed.

  8. Sequins! HALLOOOH! Somebody's ready for the red carpet! I love that you found that stuff...

    But I'm actually obsessed with the bentos. Can I come live at your house? And will you pack my lunches every day? You are the biggest "Kool-Aid" mom in history. As soon as the girls are old enough to start running the block, all the kids will be playing at your house. I just know it.


  9. Anonymous5/21/2009

    Dear Ro and Ree,

    Tell mama to dig out the sewing machine and you two can show her how to make your new vests....
    I miss you sweeties but I am shopping for you at Lake Tahoe.

  10. Are those lavender velvet MC Hammer pants I see there?! Hope so! Ha!
    Like you, R and I drop off scads and scads of donations to our local thrift store....and always have to run in and browse around. We seem to find more toys though at our's...some super smokin' deals. It's fun!
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Wow--you do pretty well at the thrift shop!

  12. wow, M3, you found a pumpkin patch dress! Great find! Bloomingdale's(having a big sale) carries Pumpkin Patch, I know because I just saw that label there today, $$$. That must be a great thrift store!

  13. Wow, look at your finds! ...and I thought we get the best deals here in Hong Kong with all the outlets selling export overruns.