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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fashion Friday

It's fashion friday again, time to see what happens when the kiddos are in charge of the fashion. The girls picked three wild outfits this week. Is it just me or are they getting a little crazier (or possibly more confident) each week? Ree in purple, Ro in pink, and no those are not knee socks, at least they weren't originally. Ro liked this pink polka-dot skirt so much she even wore it twice this week (thanks Ozimum for the awesome skirt, Ro thinks you have the BEST taste). DSC_5665ms Ro in yellow, Ree in red. Ree originally had a red fleece over the dress and a hot pink rhinestone belt (you can see the full outfit here), but she got hot and took off a few things: DSC_6283mlr And for the third one, you really need to see a video to get the full effect: Whooboy... All of Ro and Ree's past Fashion Friday outfits can be seen here. Now it's your turn! Share the grins and give us a link to an outfit that your kiddo put together! Fashion Friday is now a regular weekly feature, so grab your camera and turn those kids loose in the closet at least once a week. (There are no rules—pics can be old or new, taken on any day of the week, and in a blog post on an image site. And if you make a mistake on the Mr Linky entry below, I can fix it in a jiffy, just let me know.)
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  1. These girls NEVER FAIL to please!! The are just too adorable!!! Love, love, love each and every outfit!!!! We continually look forward to each and every post!!! Keep em coming!!! Please!!

  2. The Tongginator has those silver shoes. And your girls always make me chuckle.

  3. Ahh....you've started my day with an extra smile today (well, the girls have actually).

    Dahlia would LOVE the pink ruffled skirt. And yes, Ro and Ree are getting more courageous (or expressive). What a joy they are!

  4. Oh Sheez, sorry M3. I did it again. My URL wnet in from last week and now I don't know hoe to change it to this weeks.

    Can you do it for me from there?

    Sorry to be such a pain.

  5. Awww! Your girls always bring a smile to my face. :)

    Let's see... 1st photo: Wonderful color coordination. 2nd photo: Getting a bit more daring. 3rd photo: Ex-PRESS-ive! Love all those clips on her hair.

  6. FAB-U-LOUS! They seem to be leaning a bit more toward the Xanadu (roller disco) look this week. Awesome!

  7. Anonymous5/15/2009

    So cute, as always! I see there's so much pink that some is seeping over to Ree.

    I accidentally posted a previous week's link for margaret before getting the right one. Now I can't figure out how to delete the first one - I'm sure I saw a way to do it previously.

  8. Katie refused to let me click away...I think she was gathering fashion ideas from your movie and mesmerized. I was sure to point out 2 things to her - skirts AND hair pretties. ;) LOL

  9. I think you are right they seem to be getting more confident and bold in their choices for sure! I especially love the surprise shorts under the outfits in the videos. You most definitely needed the video to get the whole outfit experience!!

  10. "...but not on pre-school day..." , wow, how astute are these girls! You are the best Mama!
    Sounds like a constant party.
    I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who grabs glittery stuff at the goodwill. Drop off 3 bags of stuff, bring 3 items home (at least)!

    Love those outfits, I think I used to dress like Ree, back in college days. Hee Hee!

  11. Hi, I added our first Fashion Friday Photo. I love looking at the outfits your girls pick out!

  12. Ro and Ree are into dresses and skirts lately, huh? It's so neat how they are really coming into their own with their fashion choices. Love the ruffled skirt! My girlies love twirly dresses and skirts. Do you know where your friend found it?

  13. I like Mr. Linky! He's fun!

    Girl's gotta have some bling!

    They are getting good at this thing! By kindergarten, they should be fashion divas!

  14. Looks like Ree and Maddy have the same fancy red shoes! Ours are wearing thin on the toes too so we fill in the bald spots with a handy red marker!

    I love Ro's yellow flowered skirt. Reminds me of my Grandma's sofa!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  15. Now I'm interested in what other goodwill finds you've had. I love to look around there too.

  16. Love the purple headband and outfit, very well put together. You take such good photos, I really should use something else besides my cell phone camera for Fashion Friday *grin*

    Maddie loved the video of the girls =)

  17. Hi, I Love the FF challenge and finally found the time to join. I accidentally posted the wrong link on the first one but corrected it.

    Your daughters are adorable and I love the fashion choices that they make!

  18. They definitely favor the layered look, though that may change once they're old enough to do all of that laundry themselves. The truth is those two would be adorable if they dressed in layers of paper bags and towels.

  19. Kids are such a joy! I love the sequinned jacket - and the leggings...

    Now if I could just get mine to pose - she's started to push me away everytime I try to take photos of her outfit. Or at least turn her head away...

  20. I just stumbled onto your blog from another! Cute idea for Friday's! I may try it next week! Your girls are gorgeous!

  21. So cute and so diverse! I wish P would take more chances, but she just isn't that adventurous!

    Although, she did just watch the video and said, in the saddest voice I've ever heard, "I wish I could visit Ro and Ree." Maybe that would expand her fashion horizons! :-)

  22. :) Thanks Ro!!! I do try!!!

    I can't get over Ree's hair, when its all down! It looks so long and thick!

    I'm looking forward to the fashion boutique, the girls will open, when they finish school!!! I even thought of a name "ROMA" (RO and xxRee... just in case you hadn't worked that out?!!!!!)

    I'm not joining the fashion queue... Tari's only been home 3 months... I'm still obsessed with what she wears... I'm not letting her choose!!!!!

  23. I love following your blog and getting in on all the fun! Thanks for sharing!


  24. Love all the fun layers your girls put together. Sounds like your times of choosing outfits is quickly coming to an end! i'm guessing you get tons of smiles thouhgh when you're out with your girlies dressed to vibrantly!!

  25. So stinkin adorable!! I love hearing them speak. Naomi needs some funky legwarmers like that! Where you you find them?

  26. Hi Julie, they're Babylegs legwarmers, and you can get some of them at Target or order from the full selection on the Babylegs web site.

  27. Anonymous5/16/2009

    very cute outfits this week, the girls are adorable. Sorry I'm late this week.

  28. Anonymous5/18/2009

    Love the Fashion Friday. I think you need to do a "I really like my..." like they do in the back of People magazine.
    I know at this house we have a few worn out princess ensemble's, that would repeat every day if we let it.
    Love the blog.