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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Snapshots of a day (* updated)

Shanny over at Bless Your Heart is holding her spring Photo Bloggy Days, where participants take a snapshot every hour or two to show what's going on in their lives on a typical day. I was supposed to do this on either Friday or Saturday, but didn't read the rules until today. Oops. Oh well, here's our day anyhow.

7am wakeup (girls' choice, not ours)

7:30ish make Batter Blaster pancakes for breakfast. Have you used this stuff? It's fun and tastes pretty good too.

8:30 chillin' on the recliner couch in syrup-covered PJs. DSC_6660

9:30 hitting the pool early to keep cool on this blazingly hot day. Water was almost chilly. Sweet! DSC02281

While TubaDad and the girls were swimming, I curled up under a shady umbrella and read a little. Has anyone read this book yet? I'm liking it so far (just started) and will post a review of it when I'm done. DSC02300

11:00 we completely ran out of snacks and had to leave the pool to go grab sandwiches. Tactical packing error on my part, I forgot how hungry the girls get when they're swimming and should have brought WAYYYY more food.

12:30 I had to pick up a prescription and some more sunscreen (we've dusted every single can in the house this week), so TubaDad and the girls walked around a nearby Farmer's Market while I ran in the drugstore. They got some strawberries. DSC_6692

1:30 naptime, ahhhhhh. DSC_6717

2:30 working on this post, while watching a little tv (The Real Housewives of NYC Reunion show, which, by the way, was insane. These women could not have fought more if they had donned spandex and starred in their own Women of Wrestling show. Holy catfight, batman.) IMG_0895

2:30 and TubaDad is off getting the van's oil changed and hitting the car wash. He just sent me a pic snapped with his Blackberry. Damn!

3:30 Ree's up and wants to "do someping." So we made some refreshing spa water and sucked down half of it. Will have to make more when Ro gets up. If you want to make it, just fill a pitcher with water, add a sliced orange, sliced lemon, and sliced cucumber and put it in the fridge for at least an hour to chill and soak up the flavors. Pour it over ice and slurp it down. The stuff rocks. (Oh, and we used lemonade here instead of lemons because the fridge is empty, um, not the same.) DSC_6752

Alrighty, have to go—typing on the computer when the girls are awake is just foolhardy. So I'll finish the rest of this day-in-the-life peek tonight and update the post. More later. ...

4:30 TubaDad hosed down the patio and table and the girls played their heineys off in the water for about an hour and a half. There's hardly anything better than some buckets and some running water, is there? DSC_6767

6:00 we sat down at our newly clean outdoor table and feasted on crab legs, artichoke, garlic bread, and cherry tomatoes (well, everyone ate cherry tomatoes but me, I don't like raw tomatoes). DSC_6792 DSC_6804 DSC_6814

7:00 we topped off the gourmet feast with some Ding Dongs for dessert. Quite a hit with the ladies. DSC_6845m

7:30 we shucked off our crabby clothes, hosed the table off again, and all took showers and baths. DSC_6853

8:34 (yes I'm counting, haha) the girls are in bed and TubaDad and I are going to clean up the kitchen and then plop down on the couch and watch some tv—I might even sit through that Real Housewives reunion again just so he can see the trainwreck for himself. The girls were so wound up after bath, by the way, that we had to do separate bedtime routines, each girl in her own room. Worked like a charm, as usual. The second we separate them, the activity level abruptly goes down to what I imagine is "normal" for non-twins.

Hmm, the last parts of the day were almost all about eating. :-) Well I guess that's pretty typical for us. The rest of the day was a pretty typical one, too. If it hadn't been so hot we probably would have gone out for a quick afternoon activity before dinner, but otherwise a pretty standard day in the life. G'night all, the couch is calling my name.


  1. AHHHH! 101 degrees! It's too early in the year. No wonder you were slurpin' down the spa water - which looks like an excellent recipe btw.

  2. 101 Degrees!!! Holy Hannah, that is HOT!!

    I love that spa water....it tastes so good:) Stay cool!


  3. 101, oh my. I forgot where you live but OUCH!

  4. I got the Painter from Shanghai for Christmas but I haven't started it yet. Maybe I will, now that someone has said it was good!

  5. What a fun day - even if it was 101 degrees. That's more of a Sunday in August than in May!

  6. So glad you played along! I know your readers (and I) love these snapshots into your day. I watched NYC Housewives too and that reunion was insanity! Kelly lives on her own planet, no?

  7. Looks like a fun day! I love spa water. That's what we call it too!

  8. Those girls of yours make me smile every time I see them in a video...they are just wonderful...I look forward to the rest of yur post :)

  9. Awesome pics ~ what cuties!!

    Just wondering if you use spray on sunscreen and if you have a recommendation?

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to trying spa water!

    Angela :)

  10. OMG i wish we had a nice warm day to swim....OHIO BLAH!!!

    your girls are just precious!


  11. Hey Angela, thanks! We do use the spray sunscreen actually. That's what we ran out of today and it was a serious hardship having to use the stuff in a tube again. The one we LOVE is Aveeno spray in 70+ SPF. It doesn't have a strong odor, goes on super dry, isn't greasy at all, and works so well. We can't use spray on the girls' faces, so we do use cream sunscreen there, Coppertone Sport in the blue bottle.

  12. A lovely day - and they are absolutely gorgeous! I love the picture of them in the recliners.

  13. Anonymous5/17/2009

    nice :)

  14. Cool playhouse in the backyard pic. Is it custom made?

    Looks like a awesome day.

  15. It will be a long time before we see those high temps here. You had me today with the crab legs and the artichokes. I love them both and hardly ever get any. In my next life, I'm going to live closer to the ocean.

  16. What a fun post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to try it out sometime soon. I just need it to be warm or hot here. It's cold in NJ today.

  17. Gotta love those fun days when family is together just enjoying the day and each other.

    OMG, I too watched the RHofNYC reunion and I just couldn't look away, so bad.

  18. I saw that batter at our favorite club store, but wondered if it was any good. Thanks to your review, I'm getting it next time :)

  19. I completely LOVE the shots you take of what you are doing...the feet (nice toe nails) are great!!! I can't beleive it was so hot! Thank heavens for pools.

  20. thanks M3 for taking the time to answer my question :)
    I didn't know Aveeno made a pray sunscreen let alone SPF70 ~ that's awesome! I hope its available in Canada!!

    As always love your blog!

    Angela & Ella

  21. Anonymous5/18/2009

    What fun, I loved reading this blog post, mainly because you live somewhere else. Loved the fact that you were sitting by the pool (it's like 68 here today) and your dinner sounded awesome, wish I'd had that. I might use your book for my book club, can't wait to read if you liked it.

  22. Anonymous5/18/2009

    I was feeling like my dinners were a little bland compated to crab. Thanks for throwing in the ding dongs to make me feel better!! Kara

  23. ahh yes this last weekend was PERFECT!! I hear it's still way too hot your way...it's nothing but fog here in the bay...come on over!

    Love crab, artichoke and garlic bread dinners!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I love batter blaster!! they are so fluffy!

  26. What a great idea - I want to try it too!! Yummy - those crab legs look delish.

    I am insanely jealous of your hot weather and swim! It was about 66 here today - a warm spring day ...