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Saturday, May 9, 2009


The video camera keeps on rolling, but I keep forgetting to put the vidlets on the blog, so here's a big catch-up post of the things that have made us laugh lately. Might want to grab a nice cup of coffee and get comfy. Heh.  

We scoff at heavy car doors The girls took 10 years off my life the other day when they disappeared while I was in the bathroom. I ran around the house screaming their names, checked every room and door, and heard only eerie silence. I finally found them inside the closed garage, inside the closed car. I didn't even know they could open the freakin' car door yet!! Now that I'm somewhat calm, here's a peek at how they do it:


By the way, please ignore the massive pile of Beverly Hillbillies crap in the middle of the garage. We must get off our butts and sell all of our baby stuff on Craiglist, but just haven't done it. Anyone want to buy two booster seats, two cribs, two pack-and-plays, a double stroller, and eight baby gates?  

Tigger versus the sprinter Finally got a video of the way the girls run. Ree does a funny little hop/run combo that reminds me of Tigger and Ro sprints as fast as she can.


Rainbow sherbet on the patio The girls like to "paint" on the patio by mixing chalk and water:  

Our favorite sweaters Hundreds of clothes to pick from, and the girls always reach for these tiny little red and purple sweaters that Ma knitted for them when they were babies. The look is kind of comical. Ma, if you're reading this, we thought you'd get a chuckle out of it. DSC_4994m

It makes me grin to compare them to this snapshot taken of the girls on Nov 26, 2006 (they were 13 months old).  

PJ archaeology I've posted pictures of the girls with their multiple layers of PJs, but here's a video one day where I took them all off to see how many layers they had on. No one else was home, so I just turned the camera on and set it on a shelf:  

Tickling the ivories TubaDad and I were dying one night to hear this over Ro's monitor. She was supposed to be sleeping, but apparently just had to get out of bed to tickle the ivories on her little pink "pee-nan-oh".

Singing oh so many songs The girls like to make up songs lately. They're always entertaining, if not very musical. Here's Ree making up a song one day out in the backyard:

There, I think that's most of the recent ones. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Wow they are very busy indeed. too cute. yes the eerie silence is enough to strangle a mom with fear and children just don't understand.

  2. M3 --thanks so much for sharing. I had a smile on the whole time I was watching the videos. Ree and Ro are simply delightful! :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Anonymous5/09/2009

    I loved all the videos. You never lack for entertainment around your house!

    The little red and purple sweaters were such fun to knit! Maybe someday they will have big dolls that can wear them.

    I started knitting the yellow and pink wool yarn they chose when we were there last. I knit both backs at the same time and about the time I finished the backs, my allergies got bad, so I switched over to the bamboo yarn for their socks. The bamboo is wonderful for knitting! Ree's socks are finished and Ro has one cuff so far. I will definitely get back to the sweaters, especially after seeing the video. I forget that they can wear sweaters all through the year out there.

    They are growing so fast. We are really looking forward to seeing them, and you, too, of course.


  4. Seriously, are you shipping items or looking for local pickup? I need almost everything you listed. Let me know!

  5. Great catch-up video post and I love all the princess dresses and fancy shoes. Can't even imagine your laundry load with the girls loving to wear so many layers, oh my!

  6. We love the idea of using water with the sidewalk chalk.

    All the videos are too cute but T's favorite is still the teeter totter cam especially the part with Uncle Bobby.

  7. Wonderful videos. You're so good at getting all the good stuff on video and in pix. I must get my act together and start posting some videos too.

    Thanks for the smiles and the inspiration.

  8. Sounds like they need sidewalk paint...Kaylee got some for her birthday...it's in the crayola aisle I think :)

  9. Anonymous5/09/2009

    your girls are cute!

  10. Anonymous5/09/2009

    I think the girls were channeling their time in China with all those layers of PJ's. I couldn't believe how many layers you took off! :)
    A periodic visitor over the years, Betty

  11. What great videos!!! So much fun and it's so neat to peek into your lives and to see and hear the girls in action! They've grown so much and as I was watching the first couple my heart broke a little as I miss all of you so much!!! A little piece of me wondered if they'd remember their Canadian friend until the PJ episode where I heard Ree's little voice say, 'Can I play in Catherine's (yup...has it changed from Cafrin to Catherine??)' and my heart jumped. Your family is so very, very precious and special and I love you tons. Miss you like crazy friend!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  12. Just went back and enjoyed out the videos again...so fun!

    The car door...oh my! Are they smart or what?!!

    Water with chalk...what a great idea for fun, bright colours!

    Layers and layers of pj's....heh!!! Guess your call to Wela for new pj's was answered. I love the creative way your girlies wear their clothes!

    Piano lessons in their future? Lookin for a teacher? ;o)

    The sprint and tigger hop are adorable!

  13. Anonymous5/10/2009

    Since your children can get into a car by themselves, PLEASE teach them how to unlock and GET OUT of it as well, and to sit on the car horn (to get attention) if they can't get out for some reason...

    There are sooo many tragedies every year of child-locked-in-car-can't-get-out related deaths. With summer fast approaching, it really doesn't take long for temperatures inside the car to get dangerously hot.

  14. Anonymous5/10/2009

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. OMG!! Hide the keys! They don't miss a trick! I loved seeing her with her feet up on the door, though. They are smart cookies, for sure.

    Actually, that did happen to some friends of my husband's. Mom asked where their 2-year old son was and Dad said, "He was just here playing with the car keys." Just then they heard the car start in the garage with the boy grinning ear to ear.

  16. LOVED the pj's one M3!!! Sooooooo cute!!! lol

  17. Casey watched the pajama video twice and disappeared for a while (which is unusual for her). When she came back she was wearing six pairs of underpants! I thought it was only three at first.

  18. OMG! I was watching these and when i got to the piano "recital" my ds (10 mos) spun around, looked at the screen and laughed so hard! I guess he appreciates fine music!