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Friday, June 19, 2009

California tobogganing, and a few other firsts for the Canadian

The girls are napping (the three-year-old girls and the Canadian), the dishwasher's running, and the laundry is going—quick, grab the computer and type furiously... You'd think with two snap-happy people around that we've have tons o' pics of of Catherine and I to commemorate her trip, but nope, this is it. Whew, at least we got one. Imported Photos 00523 This week we've worked on introducing Catherine to a few firsts. We made gourmet Batter Blaster pancakes for breakfast (can you believe that she's never had pancakes out of a squirt can before? Sheesh, first she's never worn flip flops before, and now this?!) DSC_9376 DSC_9386 We got sucked in by marketing and bought some of that new 3D chalk for the girls. Ok, seriously, it was cool. 3D chalk -- very cool We showed Catherine how three-year-olds can use sharp knives (we use the one-hand-on-the-hip rule). And yeah, yeah, the girls thought bathing suits were the most appropriate attire for the day. Whatever. DSC_9473 We demonstrated how to dress up a bathing suit to complete that proper daytime look (simply add a tutu and mismatched shoes and that look will take you anywhere). IMG_1533m We showed Catherine how to keep a really vigilant eye on the children (quite vigilant, really, we weren't distracted at all by our cool new shoes). IMG_1541 We introduced her to California tobogganing. Not sure our Canadian friend had ever seen anything like it. IMG_1562 We showed her the awesome hill where they're using a herd of goats instead of those huge tractor-lawnmowers near our house. Those busy animals are kicking that grass's behind, and every time we drive by we stop and smile and all yell "Hi goats!!" Goats are better than lawnmowers every time Ro and Ree used big-girl toothpaste for the first time and wowed Catherine with their refined spitting techniques. All that vigorous spitting was quite exciting. Boy oh boy. Ree said she'd like to follow it up with some "Washmouth" (mouthwash) like daddy. We'll just have to save that thrill for next time, don't want to have too much excitement in one evening. First time brushing with big-girl toothpaste Don't forget to spit Catherine showed us a thing or two also. This morning she spiffed Ro up with the coolest fishbone braid ever, which I simply must learn to do. Catherine did a cool fishbone braid And, finally, I showed Catherine how to gracefully fix a broken kitty door so it only swings out, not in. I changed something about the kitty door -- think TubaDad will notice? TubaDad comes home from his business trip tonight, and I'll bet he won't even be able to tell I did anything.


  1. Woo! First 2 comment! I LOVE the shot of BOTH girls brushing their teeth together. ACK! So sweet I'm getting a toothache already. I think I need to go brush myself.

    And where did those fun skirts come from? LOVE them.

    I heard that somewhere around these parts... a small told sold their lawnmower and purchased a few goats to mow the grass around their town hall. Funny stuff.

  2. Hoot and hollah...what fun!

    Keep our Canadian busy and safe...no marathons in the bling f/f!

    Keep smilin!

  3. I love the fixed door. You did a fantastic job.

  4. The kitty door cracked me up! Duct tape and hangers can fix ANYTHING ;)

    You have the cutest dresses. No, not for the girls, but for YOU. Where did you get that teal dress? It's super cute!

    Looks like you guys are having a great time!

  5. Whoeee...you girls know how to show a friend a good time!! A nap is necessary to keep up with the fun and excitement! That and silly me staying up until all hours of the night to blog about the days excitement.

    Looking forward to more fun over the next few days!!

  6. Really cool braid! Love the last pic though...hehehe.

  7. The girls are adorable, as always. We leave for China July 9 to get our twin boys! We are so ready! I just can't wait!

  8. I've been looking at the 3D chalk but was sceptical. I think I'll give it a try now :)

  9. I HAVE to get Catherine here for a week!! She is so great and she needs to teach me how to do the girls hair!! lol After 4 boys I'm not doing real great in that department yet!! lol

    Love the "whatever"!!! lol You're the best mom!!! :)

  10. Have missed you guys so much! Haven't been blogging much lately but post every once in a while and visit my favorite salsa lovers.

    So what did you do with the little ones? I see they've been replaced by these 2 gorgeous big kids. :) I turn my back for one second and they grow up on me. :)

    Looks like a great visit with Catherine. I'm thinkin the Magers need to do a road trip soon to No Cal. You guys have way too much fun up there.

  11. the photo of you and Catherine is stunning:) 2 Beautiful ladies:) So happy that you had another wonderful get together:)

  12. You have to teach those Canadians all those finer things ;-) Glad you're having so much fun together.

  13. ...love the duct tape...comes in colours now...just sayin' (lol)

    Snick :)
    dd Sunshine 8 Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance 3 Fuling, China

  14. Okay... California clearly has the coolest stuff!!!! Pancakes in a can? Really?? And 3-D chalk? I will definitely be on the look out for the chalk... jury is still out on the "can-cakes". lol

    Glad you guys are having sooo much fun. Loved meeting Catherine last fall although it was super quick. :( But I can tell that girl enjoys having fun and adores the little ones. Nice braiding too!

    Have a fun rest of your visit. :)


  15. Is there anything good old tape can't fix? Paint the tape white and he'll never notice. :)

  16. I'm cracking up, at your "handy work"!!! You're a girl after my own heart!!! What doesn't duct tape fix?!!!

    :) Yay! Fun with Auntie Catherine! I'm totally spewin' at you all prancing about in your short sleeves, in the sunshine... show offs.

  17. Cute post! Sounds like a lot of fun. Love the duct tape fix:-)

  18. Sarah: thanks! Ree's green ruffle skirt is from JCPenney and Ro's pink ruffle skirt is from Gymboree.

    Andrea: That teal dress I'm wearing is from Target. I bought it to be a swim coverup and then liked it so much I've been wearing it everywhere.

    Teresa: White paint is brilliant!!! Dang, I wish I'd thought of that before he came home.

  19. I have always loved the fishbone braid, ever since my sister first tried it out on me back in the late 70's and early 80's.

    Glad you reminded me of it, I need to work it in my daughter's hair schedule!! :) Whenever I have a lot of time, I remember it taking a while....much more than a quick side top ponytail!!! :)

    Such cute girls. The Lord has blessed you greatly, and those precious darling daughters.

    Love reading the blog!