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Friday, June 19, 2009

The final fashion challenge friday

Catherine and I are still having tons of fun and keeping really busy. I've been putting all the trip pictures in this folder if you want a sneak peek, and will do another blog update soon (or you can check Catherine's Chatter, because she's always way better than I at timely posting). In the meantime, it's friday, time to see the outfits that the kiddos put together on their own. Today is the last week we'll do this for awhile. The girls (as you can see from their "take one more picture and I'll frow up" expressions below) have subtly (haha) indicated that they'd like to take a summer break from fashion photography. DSC_9440ms Ro is in head-to-toe polka dots, which always make me smile, and Ree is in the Minnie Mouse shirt (a souvenir from one of TubaDad's business trips) and red Gymboree shorts that I got at a thrift store. Cute. All of Ree and Ro's past Fashion Challenge outfits can be seen here. If you'd like to participate in this final Fashion Challenge Friday, please leave your url in the comment section below. And thanks to everyone for sharing your kid creations in the past Fashion Challenge Fridays—they always made us grin.


  1. Aww, we'll miss seeing their "creations" every week! It'll be interesting to see how their fashion will have "evolved" over the summer.

    I always love seeing little girls in polka dots --especially if they picked the outfit themselves. Such a happy pattern. :) And souvenirs from Daddy's business trips? We have plenty of those here. In fact, my post features the tikesters wearing souvenirs from hubby's trip to Thailand last year.


  2. Double Awww......I will really miss the girl's outrageous fashion picks and their poses. But I can see some fatique in this week shot.

    Love the plka dots (oh and the little bench they're sitiing on is so sweeeeeet.)

    Dahlia is in a party dress this week. Frilly, girlie stuff!


    Enjoy your well deserved break!

  3. Indiana Lori6/19/2009

    After seeing my girls this week, you may think Indiana should bow out for a while as well. As usual, Sara starts out strong and then after a few tries at something, adds her own personal spin. And by "spin", I mean twirling completely out of control.

    It's been a fun ride! Thanks for the idea!


    Indiana Lori


  4. What? They don't enjoy sitting still for this? But... but... WHY?

    And all good things must come to an end. The Tongginator is starting to show creative fatigue this week as well. It all looks the same after awhile - there is only so much one can do with a princess costume, you know?


  5. We'll miss the cute outfits, but at least you aren't going to take a break from BLOGGING. YIKES! Maimie and I would miss our Ro and Ree fix.

    Check out Miss Maimie's outfit at:


    Have a great summer!

  6. Aww, I hate that FF will be gone for a while, but I still love the blog :)

    I love their outfits, they always make me smile...so full of life and color.

    Check out Sophia's FF at


  7. We'll miss this! I have had fun seeing all of our fashion divas.

    This week at my house, it's all about mixing patterns..and colors.. and seasons.

    Oh well.
    At least the clothes are clean!

    Have a great summer M3.


  8. Now that the girls FINALLY allowed me to play you are stopping this? I would like to file a formal complaint. May I talk to Ro and Ree, please? Better, I'll ask H2 and S2 to talk to them about that...

    Here's our entry at NoMoreWorkThanOne.

  9. They've got style, I gotta say. And, looking back over the whole collection of FCF, it's interesting to see that they each have their own, oh-so-very distinctive styles, even at this young age.

    How lovely to see them growing and growing. You can't stop the process -- I know, I've tried -- so you might as well enjoy it. (Did I mention mine just turned 21? And yet, I look so fabulous. How is this possible?).


  10. Waah. I was really enjoying FFC.

    But, alas, Pi was not. As you may have noticed - ha! - SweetPotatoPi hasn't participated in the Fashion Challenge for a few weeks. That's because I just can't get Miss P interested either. Maybe it's the summer doldrums and the limits of her summer wardrobe. Not much you can do with sundresses, shorts and shirts.

    For the past few days, she's even allowed ME to pick her outfits. It's like she doesn't even care!


  11. We will miss the fun too! Thanks for hosting it. Love the polka dots too, we don't have nearly enough polka dotted clothing in our house right now. ;)

    My girlies were butterflies/princesses this week:

    We had a blast!

  12. Anonymous6/19/2009

    Recall: tubs of raw cookie dough for e.coli. See bulletins.

  13. Anonymous6/23/2009

    I'm going to really miss the fashion fridays!

    We were really hosed last week, thus being half a week late on the comment, and we didn't do a fashion friday pic. We do have a picture of Margaret on her birthday last thursday, though.


  14. Oh bummer!! We sure will miss this (even though we've missed the last couple) but we will be back on board anytime the girls are ready!!!