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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wela gets a lot of help (oh so much help)

My mom offered to make lunch for the girls yesterday and was immediately surrounded by a swarm of yelling, hopping girls (ok, there are only two of them, but they're loud enough and fast enough to make you think there are ten of them in the room). Here's what she heard before the word "lunch" had even left her mouth: "I know, I know, yet's make bentos!" (let's make bentos) "I hep you, you need hep, Wela? I hep!" (I help you) DSC_0300_LR "What dis, Wela? You need one of deez?" DSC_0292_LR "We can all eat with dis, because we is flamly" (family) DSC_0305_LR "I pick dis stuff, Wela, see dis one, you see it, see it?" DSC_0308_LR "Straws, we need straws. Yots of straws." DSC_0310_LRs "Gimme that pink straw or I'm gonna take you down!" (Ok, I made that one up, but you know she was thinking it) DSC_0314_LR "Popcorn, Wela, is dare popcorn? Mama said we could have some popcorn." DSC_0316_LRs "I want suhyami! (salami) Can I have suhyami. What dee soy sauce for? What you put it in? You need a fishie bottle? I get you fishie bottle." DSC_0317_LR "Ooo, pwetty." DSC_0319_LR DSC_0333_LRs "Mmm mmm mmm" (That's all we heard out of them for about four minutes. It was blissfully quiet.) DSC_0344_LRs Bentos: demolished. DSC_0360_LRs Is it naptime yet? DSC_0166_LRs Ah yes, another peaceful bento-making experience at our house. PS: I've been doing a lot of blog posts lately because all of my favorite tv shows are on summer break. So, late at night, when I finally sit down, I play with photographs and write a little. It's fine, but I really miss having a fun show to unwind with at the end of the day. Does anyone have any tv recommendations? A favorite must-see show that I could catch in summer reruns or buy the DVD set for?


  1. Shannon (CA)7/02/2009

    hahaha, that last picture of the girls is priceless. "HOLY MOLY RO, YOU YAWN BIG!" Good job Wela...Bentos looked great!

  2. Have you seen Arrested Development? That's a great show. (But I'm liking the frequent blogging!)


  3. Love this post!

    Tori & Dean:Home Sweet Hollywood! Those two are a hoot!

  4. Mary Grace7/02/2009

    So, I've noticed that the girls are becoming much easier to tell apart. Is this just a sign that I've been reading your blog too much, or are they starting to look more different?

  5. Party Down on netflix is really funny!

  6. Anonymous7/02/2009

    So You Think You Can Dance is on Wed. and Thurs. nights. DVDs that are also good: How I Met Your Mother Season 1-3, Scrubs Season 1-7, The Office Season 1-4.

  7. Anonymous7/02/2009

    After having so much help preparing lunch, I needed a nap. Great memories with the "flamly"


  8. Try Fashion Show, it is like Project Runway. You would have a lot of shows to watch (8) which means a week of nightly unwinding.

  9. Definitely So you Think You Can Dance! Its the only show I've been able to find to unwind to...

  10. I am enjoying "She's Got the Look" on TVLand. It's a modeling show for women 35 and older. I think it is about 3 episodes in. http://www.tvland.com/prime/shows/shesgotthelook/season2/

  11. Joelle7/02/2009

    I vote with several others about So You Think You Can Dance. It is a lot like American Idol, but with dancing. Simon Cowell (sp?) is involved with the show too, but not on the air. I think you'll like the show.

  12. Anonymous7/02/2009

    I'm quite sure I'm going to be the only person to recommend this particular show - I may be the only person who has HEARD of this show. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a show on the History channel called "Ice Road Truckers". Did you know that there are diamond mines in Northern Canada? And did you know that apparently, the only way to get the large scale supplies to such mines is during the winter when, for a couple of months, an "ice road" is build going over 100s of lakes and 100s of miles and 18 wheeler trucks come up and for 8-10 weeks, haul supplies from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, to mines near the Arctic Circle. It's dangerous (you can fall through the ice, amongst other things), it's very profitable and it's addictive to watch!!lol I'm pretty sure this is a show you haven't already seen!lol

  13. Wela deserves a medal!

    I love Gi.lmore Girls (all seasons are on DVD); its my favorite show to unwind to... Also, S.amantha Who, tho its now cancelled :(

  14. Big Brother starts next week!!!! Also, So You Think You Can Dance is good too!

  15. Okay, the pathetic-ness that is my life has become obsessed with The Real Housewives series' on Bravo.

  16. Anonymous7/02/2009

    Nurse Jackie on Showtime, hilarious.
    Rescue Me
    The Closer
    Of course, there are always some Housewife Reality shows...

  17. The Closer does all new shows in the summer and it is really good! Kyra Sedgwick is the star (married to Kevin Bacon) and Bernie Madoff stole all their money so they could really use your support! ;)


  18. Anonymous7/02/2009

    P.sych & Burn.Notice are my USA guilty pleasure favs.

    I'll second Gilmore.Girls!

    (Reader from KY)

  19. Anonymous7/02/2009

    Your girls are too cute!!!
    Rescue Me
    True Blood

  20. Anonymous7/02/2009

    Corner Gas....it's from Canada, but just like Seinfeld. Reruns on WGN, but Box sets can be purchased.

  21. Anonymous7/02/2009

    Mad Men...you can rent last season and the new season is starting on AMC in the next couple weeks.

    Completely addicting!

  22. I watch So You Think You Can Dance, Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch...sad but true. Are those the Barbados dresses? The girls look adorable.

  23. Jon and Kate plus 8??? we don't have cable so i had never seen it-- woo it has it's moments! but fun overall! you can get the seasons on DVD

  24. Laurie7/02/2009

    The Bentos are so adorable! I'd love some of your recipes...I apologize if you've already shared-I sometimes miss some posts.

    I know it's been around for a few years but I love, love House. I recently discovered it because US A network shows it constantly. Humor, drama, interesting characters and medical stuff.

  25. Oh I'm LOVING these tv recommendations!! Thank you, I'm setting the Replay TV to get them all right now. Ahhhhhh. Wait "Ice Road Truckers" is a real show? I just saw the second recommendation for it. Crazy, man.

    Mary Grace: I've always thought the girls looked really different, but I've been in the minority. *grin* I think their personalities are so distinct that that's all I see when I look at them. And maybe I'm doing a little better job of taking photos that capture their personalities?

    Lisa: Those ARE the Barbados dresses. So cute, I just love them to pieces. It's funny but when I was posting these pics I actually thought "I haven't posted pics before of the girls in these dresses, I wonder if Lisa will notice them?" Hee!

    Laurie: Check out the Bentos link across the top of our site. It'll take you to all the pictures of our bentos, each picture caption should tell you what's in them, and there's also some info about the equipment.

  26. Anonymous7/02/2009

    My favorite DVR shows:

    The Closer-Kyra Sedgwick-TNT
    Burn Notice on USA
    Royal Pains-new show

    Love your blog and pictures.

    Christy Bailey

  27. Anonymous7/02/2009

    They are so cute! You don't think Ro was actually quietly offering to exchange the blue and yellow straws for the pink?

    So, recommendations ... Netflix. No, scratch that, and I don't think any of those television shows are coming back this fall, either ... might as well give up, throw out the television, and just concentrate on giving us our Ro and Ree fixes!

  28. We're watching So You think you Can Dance, although I think it only has a couple of weeks left.
    Other than that we're going through our collection of Alias and MacGuyver seasons.


  29. I agree with a couple of the other posters...Tori and Dean is good. And so is House, Psych, and Monk. I just started watching NYC Prep on Bravo with my teenaged daughter. Not sure on that one yet. I've only seen one episode and she has made me promise to wait to watch the next ones until she's back from camp tomorrow. I also like Dr G and Deliver Me(even if I have no intentions on delivering any more babies, it's still fun to watch) on Discovery Health channel.

  30. Anonymous7/02/2009

    I am sooo missing my tv programs that are all in re-runs. I have been watching Ice road truckers, Deadliest catch(alaska crab fisherman), Top chef masters, Oh, and Real Housewives of Atlanta starts up this month (yes,I am a reality show junkie) and lots of HGTV Love house hunters, property virgins, my first house etc. The one thing I hate about summer is lousy TV!


  31. Also, I highly recommend Corner Gas. We've seen them all now, so we've turned off the timer on the tivo, but it's still a great show. Very funny.

  32. I was going to ask you about those dresses! I love them!

    My favs right now:
    Tori and Dean (on Oxygen)
    Dance your ass off (also on Oxygen)
    Hung (on HBO - yes it's what you think it is!)

  33. Gerri in NY7/02/2009

    Don't BUY a DVD set, borrow it from your local library!! They have tons of series, and if they don't, request it from inter-library loan.

    Look into some BritComs "As Time Goes By", "Keeping Up Appearances" -- better than the typical American junk reality TV.

  34. What Debbie Macomber book are you reading?

  35. Anonymous7/02/2009

    The Mentalist; Criminal minds; Bones: love all three of them.

  36. omg that is so cute!

    they are so so so talented.

    i am still trying to learn how to make those cute bentos

  37. I love how the hands and feet are usually blurred. Never a dull moment, those girls.


  38. hooray for teevee!

    i agree with people who suggested "arrested development" and "the office". totally my faves! i also routinely get sucked into "the biggest loser" which i think is rerunning on some cable channel right now.

    you know what, though? no matter where or when it is on, i will pretty much always watch an episode of "the golden girls", "the cosby show", or "roseanne". they have both held up super well over the years, and they're on regularly at night!

    also, ro and ree are ridiculously adorable, as always. i was on vacation in california a couple weeks ago and actually thought of you guys! don't know where in the state you are, but it would've been fun to randomly run into you!

    and then i could've been That [Friendly!] Weirdo Internet Stalker.

  39. Anonymous7/02/2009

    DEXTER is the absolute best!!!!!

    Close runner-up THE TUDORS!!1

    Enjoy!.......Monica in NY

  40. M3 your post made me laugh...and then tear up. We are the parents to 8 year old twins from China home one year. Many of our conversations are very similar to yours and the girls appear to have as much energy as Ro and Ree. I wish 8 year olds napped! Enjoy it while you can.

  41. Anonymous7/02/2009

    New on USA Royal Pain---they're still reshowing the Pilot. Next three episodes on Sunday. Hamptons Doctor. Surprisingly good.

  42. Totallt different subject...



  43. Wela makes such beautiful bentos, well done! She might have seen this before, but just in case, I'd like to recommend her a flickr on cute obentos:


    Have you seen dis, Wela, have you? have you? Do you need dis? See dis one, you see it? See it?


  44. Love Wela and LOVE the bentos!

    If you're looking for trashy reality...Tori and Dean is on now doing it's 4th season on Oxygen. Whale Wars is a fav of Big J's, Animal Planet. And my personal fav...Run's House on MTV on Monday's at 10.

  45. I was coming here to recommend Arrested Development too. I have no idea why that show didn't make it. Too funny.

  46. Two words: Food Network. You may now call me a dork but I love Food Network Challenge, Next Food Network Star and Chopped. Love them!

  47. Anonymous7/04/2009

    This story is absolutely hilarious.

  48. Mary Grace7/05/2009

    I'd venture to guess it's a combination of your superb photo capturing abilities, and the fact that I 'stalk' your blog at least once a day.

  49. Anonymous7/05/2009

    Great pics! I recommend "The Closer", "Saving Grace", "Burn Notice", "Psych", and "Eureka" ... (I love to watch tv after my three beautiful girls retire for the evening too!).. Love your blog,


  50. I love reading all the chirpy hep lines, i could almost imagine the "noise", hehe... they are so cute!! Wela was so COOL~

  51. NCIS or Bones
    The Closer is my favorite show!