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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our little Ree, fun and funny, and always her own person

Well you didn't think I would take pictures of Ro and not take any of little Ree, did you? Here she is, the next day: Ree DSC_0018LR DSC_0022LR DSC_0072LR DSC_0150LR DSC_0069LR DSC_0061LR DSC_0101LR DSC_0119LR DSC_0142LR Little sweeties. TubaDad got back from a business trip yesterday and we all shared a PopTart for breakfast. Mmmm. It's our new, safe "Daddy's home" tradition since the cookie dough stuff was tainted and all got recalled. (Thank you so much for the anon blog comment last week alerting us to the recall—we had a tube in the fridge and were hours away from breaking into it. Seriously, hours. Yeesh.) * Photo info: Nikon D300 camera, Nikon 35mm lens, +0.7 exposure comp, and WAY better lighting than Ro's photo session since it was only 5pm and the house was still somewhat light. Edited in Lightroom where I did a square crop, used spot removal (a new tool to me) to remove some scabs on Ree's face, and warmed some of the photos up a touch (really just a touch, like +2) with the temp slider.


  1. These are beautiful! I have a Nikon D40x and I am trying to learn to use manual more often... I'm just scared to miss a great shot:) But, I also don't have any editing software... do you know of one that isn't too expensive? Okay, I know your posting about the girls, not your camera:) And Ree is just adorable!

  2. Both of the girls are soooo beautiful. They take my breath away!

  3. Your girls are just simply beautiful!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous child!

  5. You are right! I can see the difference in the lighting. Ree looks especially lovely with her hair down. I just love that upper lip on both girls, so cute!

  6. Gorgeous AND hilarious! What a knock-out combo!

  7. So cute! I love the winking photo :o)

  8. Seriously, does TubaDad own a firearm? Or at least an aluminum baseball bat? Because, in about 13 years, he's going to need one. And that time will be flying by.

    So cute. Both of them. (And to think this all started with filling out the first form, all those years ago. Amazing, huh.)


  9. Anonymous7/01/2009

    ree is a doll :)

  10. Anonymous7/01/2009

    I sent the information re the cookie dough. Glad you dumped it but pop tarts. I think I'd rather eat a box Sees chocolate or 10 Snickers bars but that's me.

    The pics of Marie are of a teenager in the making. The sultry pout, the wink, oh my gosh :).

  11. That popeye wink is priceless!

  12. VOGUE...

    You got to just move to the music.


    (such super pictures, really super kids.)

  13. That last photo is just stunning! Great job! Had no idea about the cookie dough, almost got some at the store the other day but changed my mind at the last minute. Good thing.

    Cute daughters you have :)

  14. Those eyes, OMGoodness!

  15. Holy moly you got the iris!!!!!

    that's my achilles heel with Katie, I can't get the iris as it's too dark and you can only see it in the perfect light...which she won't stay in.