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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can anyone guess what we're getting the girls for their birthdays?

A few pics from our vacation: They take their football VERY seriously around here. Very. We were driving around and someone had done this to their backyard fence. The girls have been having a ball throwing rocks in the stream under this covered bridge. They've got wicked strong arms, maybe tee-ball is in their future. Our cousins have these park animals in their backyard and they have gotten a huge workout this week. Plus, we have now proven that the rides are twinproof (thank goodness)—it was proven when Ro tried to rock so hard that the animal's nose would touch the ground. (She didn't succeed, but she did get bucked off pretty hard at one point. Hee.) We drove around visiting relatives and tried not to wreak too much havoc on our way. Cousin A had matching tutu PJs and all three girls could not wait to get into them. I think this picture was taken around 6pm. The cupcakes were a big hit (as expected). Can you tell who's who since they're both dressed in pink? It took the girls about half a minute to learn how to squeal the tires, crank the wheel and reverse, and drive back and forth right down the middle of the driveway. Does anyone have any links to cars like these that are available with two seats? Because the girls are dying to get one of these for their birthdays, and I'm pretty sure daddy will come through. Visiting the covered bridge again (they've thrown so many rocks in that we're afraid the stream is going to dam up). This was NOT planned. Seriously. And what's more, it's not the first time it has happened. These two cousins just kill me. Fun times. We had a big party tonight and got to see even more family, which was awesome. I'll have to download the pics later. Tomorrow is travel day, so keep your fingers crossed for us (and the fellow passengers).


  1. Here's a cute one:


    I can so see them zipping around your house in this!

  2. I meant outside the house of course :)

  3. They are adorable !!! Hey, it was 104 in Sonoma today !! Too dang hot.

    Anyway, do the girls need a golfcart (holds up to 90 pounds)


    Or a trail boss (holds up to 130 pounds!)


    Or a Harley !


    Oh boy, wstch out !

  4. only one? heh. these girls need their OWN car!

    luv it.

  5. http://www.toysrus.com/search/index.jsp?sr=1&f=Taxonomy/TRUS/2254197&kw=fisher+price+power+wheels&origkw=fisher+price+power+wheels&kwCatId=&view=all

    i love these two



    omg their so lucky!

  6. You are getting the girls matching Troy Polamalu #43 jerseys for the coming football season?? JK. We are on the east side of PA and HUGE Steeler fans too. Not that we paint the back fence...


    ps. safe journey home!

  7. WOW!! i love you blog!! i hope mine gets to be as popular as yours any suggestions? jessicagardnersblog.blogspot.com

  8. Anonymous8/29/2009

    My neice got one for her birthday. She has the pink Barbie Jeep from Wal-mart!

  9. Yes, the Barbie cars are two seaters. If look here you will see them and yes my little grandson was driving the Barbie ones because they belonged to his twin cousins. http://picasaweb.google.com/Macladie/DonovanSBirthday#

  10. Power wheels and steelers jerseys... So they can properly tailgate this fall :) Here we go Steelers! Glad you guys are having fun here in PA :)

  11. The twinados always leave a trail of smiles and laughs in their wake.

    And I think that Marie is the first one in the cupcake pictures.

  12. Was that bridge at McConnell's Mills? I'm not far from there :)

  13. What a great vacay filled with family fun!! Heh...the pic of Wela and her cousin is a hoot! They like to play twins too!

    OK, risking my (bad) reputation at telling the girls apart in pictures I'd guess the top pic is Ro and the bottom Ree? Ahhh....probably wrong again!!

    Glad you had such a great time away hanging out and having fun! Are the girls driving home in an electric car or flying with momma and daddy? I'll wave as you fly over later today.

  14. Anonymous8/30/2009

    Your girls are so adorable! I love your blog and the cute photos so much.

    You can find many cars for your girls here:

    Sarah <3

  15. Anonymous8/30/2009


  16. Hey now! Don't be making fun of Steeler country. My grandparents used to live around there. And Terry Bradshaw lived down the street from them before he became... well... THE Terry Bradshaw. He taught me how to throw a football. Well, he sort of taught me how to throw a football.

  17. Anonymous8/30/2009

    Top cupcake eater is Ree and bottom one is Ro? Just a guess because Ree usually has a more serious expression and Ro smiles more.

  18. Oh my goodness, Ilove the idea of the girls tailgating ! Hey, they could do bento boxes while tail gating. Or set up a lemonade stand from their truck.

    The only sligtht, wee little problem, er challenge, is the cars don't come in Y E L L O W, but the barbie is P I N K.

    Man, I want to move to your neighborhood. But the commute would kill me.

    Gail (Sonoma)

  19. Looks like you had a very fun filled trip!! The matching pj's are adorable:)

    We have the two seater barbie jeep, and it looks like you have already received the link.......we love it!! Even Nick can fit in it with Sarah to help her navigate, although this year she is doing pretty well on her own!!

    Safe Travels today!


  20. Toys * Us has a pretty good selection of them. We are considering getting one also!

  21. Anonymous8/30/2009

    Bracelet is on the left hand, but i don't know who she is, in the cupcake pic....

  22. Barbie Power Wheels jeep. My two live in the darn thing and whip it into reverse and do a little "Y" turn on the driveway.

    Love it!

  23. Looks like a fun time is being had by ALL!!! Too funny Wela and cousin dressed alike!

    Guessing electric cars???

  24. You're going to set the precedent of buying them cars? Well, okay, but brace yourself in about 12 years.

    And, what's the idea having all these birthdays, by the way? I mean, they just had one last year! Can't we slow this process down a little? Criminy.

    I think you guys need to come down to Disneyland soon, before the girls start "real school." Just one woman's opinion.


  25. Anonymous8/30/2009

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Anonymous8/30/2009

    Sorry my last post had the wrong link. I found your blog when blog hopping and so you don't know me, but I wanted to tell you how sturdy those Power Wheels Barbie jeeps are. My 14 yr old son still messess with my 8 yr old daughters jeep. You can see how they hold up in this video my son made:


  27. Yeah, the kids who live behind us (a little girl aged 3 and a boy aged 5, I think) actually share a pink Barbie Jeep and you can fit both kids in the front seat. They seem to have a blast with it!

  28. Anonymous8/30/2009

    I just bought my little grd.the Barbie Jammin Wheels, it holds 2 people, has a real working radio, doors that open to get into it....and she loves it. it goes on grass, rocks, pavement, whatever, very good and the price isnt bad at all, i got it at Wal-Mart, but Target and others have the same thing. We are very pleased with it, and my little china doll LOVES it !! (keeping fingers crossed for the twinados to get one)

  29. I love your matching cousins. Too funny! :)

  30. Anonymous8/30/2009

    We have a John Deere Gator by Peg Perego. My boys have always loved it but we had no place to ride it so it now lives at my sister's farm & we retain visitation. It has 2 seats & a huge box for all their stuff. http://www.amazon.com/Peg-Perego-USA-IGOD0049-Deere/dp/B001CO1XJU

  31. Christine8/30/2009

    Yes! They need some Power Wheels!!!


  32. DUDE! We have a Barbie Jeep (minus the cheesy Barbie stickers! Dad was NOT letting those happen...had to put cool Jeep and Mickey stickers on instead!) and the girls LOVE it.

    Their trick? Laney usually steers while Abby sits in the passenger seat and controls the gear shift AND the gas pedal! AMAZING! We're just praying they get some serious practice in before they turn 16!

    SUCH FUN!!!

    AND love the jammies!!!

  33. Hey - you're in my neck of the woods! Well, my old neck of the woods anyway. Now, I'm in the Boston area, and I can attest that Steelers fans are just as passionate as Red Sox fans! People in southwestern PA bleed black and gold!

  34. Anonymous8/31/2009

    My little boy had the Power Wheels Gator from Walmart. It's a two seater & has a cool dump bed in the back. He loved to help with yardwork. The downside was, he chose this, my daughter chose a chihuahua for her birthday. They fought over the John Deere all the time. We had to say "OK, 2 laps each" then they would argue over how many times they had gone.

    I highly recommend getting 2 of whatever you buy.

  35. What an awesome vacation! Love the cupcake pics. I am guessing you are getting footballs?

  36. Okay so when my hubby read the post that I put you were getting them footballs, he said "Are you serious? They are getting cars." I told him I was being sarcastic. Apparently that didn't come through. So...hang on to your hats and I hope they enjoy the wheels.

  37. Anonymous8/31/2009

    too fun! fyi, you can always find the Peg Perego and Power Wheels on CraigsList... that way you can get two!

  38. I'm guessing that the bottom twin is Marie. Even if I'm wrong, I love the smile and the twinkle in her eye...

  39. Uh-oh. I'm going to have to hide this post from my spouse....or, he'll be painting a Steelers logo on our fence, retaining wall, house or some such thing. (I live with THE most crazy PA native and Steelers fan on the planet!)
    Glad your trip went so well.

  40. Let me know next time you go to
    Steelers land. We are in Ohio but not very far away went to a casinos there and outlet mall a few weeks ago ourselves. Take care!!!! Amy C ps miss you the girls are getting so big