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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well we made it and the girls are already in hog heaven

Ro and Ree didn't nap on the plane (have I mentioned that they NEVER sleep on planes and have in fact only slept for 20 minutes total in all the plane rides we have ever taken? They slept for the last 20 minutes of our flight home from China, as we were landing in SFO, in case you're curious), had a bunch of snacks for dinner, and are STILL awake singing away in their beds. Sigh... Anyhow, my laptop doesn't work here (we're pretty far out in the hills), so I'm on a borrowed computer and don't have any image editing or posting, so this will be old-school with small Blogger pics. Alrighty, here's the trip update so far: We left my dad guarding all the carryon luggage at one point when my mom and I had to go buy chocolate and TubaDad and girls had to run. The sight made me smile: They didn't have enough upgrades for the whole six-person party, and TubaDad and I suspected (heh) that my parents wouldn't look favorably upon us if we left them in the back of the plane alone with the girls. So we suffered through it. Boy it sure was "cozy" back there in luxurious cattle class. Heh. The real grownups sat on one side of the plane, and the girls and I sat on the other side. Guess which side of the plane had more napping?: The girls asked the flight attendant if she had sparkling water. When she said "yes" they excitedly asked "Is it Pellegrino?" Hee. I think (hope) she was as amused as I. At one point, Ro and Ree hopped across the aisle and up onto BobBob and Wela's laps. Hooboy it was crowded over there. I'm thinking that Monkey and I really got the better end of that deal. I swear, they wanted to pull those heavy suitcases, we tried to deter them and they were determined. Yeesh. We got to our cousin Marlayna's house in PA and the girls immediately discovered two extremely important things (things that I'm quite sure they will never let us forget): Marlayna has a candy drawer at kid height (!!!) and she has a car that the girls could actually drive (more !!!). Does anyone want to bet whether they sob when we have to leave at the end of the trip? Alright, off to get some a touch more mama juice (and maybe raid that candy drawer, shhhh!) and then fall into bed. More tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8/27/2009

    What a hoot. You guys make quite the traveling caravan....An ENTIRE candy drawer. Great idea. Much better than cramming the stash into several small places.

  2. It sure would have been a fun time to be on that plane with your crew. Have a great time.

    When you get a chance, could you post about what you take on the plane for the girls? I'm sure you've got the list down pat by now. We're planning on taking our son to China with us to meet his sister and any additional ideas to keep him happy on the long flight would be appreciated.

  3. Anonymous8/28/2009

    Can't wait to read more!! PA is a great state with lots to do. Have fun!


  4. Hey! You're in "our" neck of the woods ... welcome to PA! Hope you dressed warmed as it's been a chilly, chilly summer out this way.

  5. Enjoy your visit!!

    Keep smilin!

  6. Sure looks like you have this flying thing down pat! So envious of all your travels--the girls seem at ease on the plane & enjoying every minute of it!

  7. Looks like you had a great day of travel......and oh boy, the girls must be in heaven with that candy drawer!! My Grandma always had one that was at our heigth and it was the first place we went when we entered her house:)

    Have fun in PA!!


  8. Kristina8/28/2009

    Glad you made it safe and sound! Enjoy your trip! I know your mom will have a great time showing off the girls!

  9. Anonymous8/28/2009

    wow sounds like kid heaven!!!! I'm curious to see how my toddler holds up on a plan this winter!!

    Gardner blog

  10. Why is it that when you are 3 and you CAN take a nap, you don't want to but when you are 40 something (!), you desperately want to nap but can't!!!! So not fair!! hehe!! Have a great visit!!

  11. Glad you made it safely. Enjoy your vacation.

  12. How fun! Looks like the beginning of a great trip.

    Is it wrong that I am glad I wasn't on that plane sitting in front of your parents when the girls were on their laps? ;)

  13. I'm curious about the harness/seat belts on the plane.

    Looks like it's going to be a great trip. Did you already negotiate for a seat on the adult side going home?!

  14. Hey guys, they're CARES flight harnesses. Love them. They convert the airplane seatbelts to 5-point harnesses. We keep them on for takeoff and landing (for safety) and any time the girls are extra squirmy. When they were littler, we kept them on ALL the time. The flight attendants always smile when they see them and tell the girls they have the safest seats on the plane.

  15. That is some candy stash!

    Your relatives are way more fun than mine. :)

  16. Looks like a fun trip! Have you seen the trunkis? They are so cute!

    When Matty gets older we are going to have to get one!

  17. Hey girlies....I don't have a riding car but I do have a candy drawer at your height!! (Yes, succombing to bribery to have you come visit. I learned from the master that bribery is your friend!! :o)

    I think you seat with the girlies rocked! Checking out the crowded side with everyone packed in then you and monkey sharing a seat made me laugh!! Hope today's trip is uneventful and that you're home before you know it.

    Glad you were able to head to PA for a visit and hang with family...even if it meant *gasp!!* no wireless during a crutial time! Glad you were finally able to hook up and see the cuteness!

    THANK YOU for your call yesterday!! What a wonderful treat it was to talk to you!! I was still a little bit in shock as you could tell..wonderful, beautiful, precious shock staring at the pictures of my beautiful baby girl!!!

  18. cindylou3039@yahooo.com8/30/2009

    JACK POT!!!!

    i would have loved to have found that candy drawer myslef!

    yum yum yum!!